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  • Hi,

    I’ve been troubleshooting why my blog died overnight. The only concrete change I’ve got from my ISP is that PHP was upgraded to 4.4.0.

    I don’t believe the issue to be a theme or plugin issue as doesn’t work either. (So I can’t disable them anyway)

    I’ve also checked that the mysql stuff, and that php-mysql is present by writing a small script:

    Hours of googling & searching this forum are getting me no-where, I’ve even removed the ‘@’s from wp-db.php to try & get some kind of error to debug, but still firefox gives me the “document contants no data” error.

    The only area left to explore I guess is that either something special needs to be enabled in php.ini (safemode?) or maybe something other than mysql support needs to be loaded into php, hence I’m trying to drum up some support… infact I’m even gonna risk showing phpinfo

    please please please help.

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  • Your title of your post doesn’t help direct people who may have the answer here – so if you continue to have problems, try posting with a better title. Be REALLY specific.

    I found this which might related to the issue you are having. I did find plenty of reports that say few people have had problems with WordPress on PHP 4-5 versions.

    You also don’t say which version of WordPress you are running, and if it is older than the most current (see DOWNLOAD link above), then make sure you upgrade.

    php 4.4.0 sounds like it shouldn’t immediately nuke existing code, though it could start throwing e_notice errors all over depending on the code. of course, depending on what ELSE your host changed (or defaulted) in the PHP INI, a ton of things might have changed about your system’s config. Really hard to say.

    This is one of those cases where the first thing I do is bitch at the host, as they typically had better know what ELSE changed other than the version number (i.e., INI changes…), which might lead to other ideas. In many cases, a host with a decent guru on board should be able to debug quickly why your blog isn’t functioning — even if he can’t/won’t fix it, he might give enough info for you to post here and get it fixed.

    I’d also agree with ‘make sure you are running the latest release’. 😉


    Hi peop’s thanks for your suggestsions.

    duh – version number, what a stupid thing to forget ! Running
    $wp_version = '';

    I’ve tried beating the isp with a stick, but they can’t help, infact after a week of e-mails I think I’m loosing the battle.

    I’ve still got 6months on my ISP contract, so I’d like to keep changing host as a last resort, can anyone thing of a way to generate some errors, that way I could at least post a more meaningful subject.

    Are there any defaults (in ini’s or whatever) that need to be set/changed to support WP ?


    (Oh yeah, I should point out that & are the same host/site)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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