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  • Hi there!
    I’m pretty new to all this code-thing, but find it most interessting. I’ve got WP installed and up and running. What I want my weblog to do is simply my posts and in the right column what I read, listen to and my links. Pretty simple. But.
    I’d like to know how to put my posts in an archive. I imagine my right column to have “february 2004”, “march 2004” and so on… How do I get my WP to file my posts to the right column? What’s the right structure?
    I know this most be pretty basic mysql-stuff, but I have no idea. Please help me, and thanks for all the interessting posts.

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  • Actually, there’s nothing to do. WP stored all posts in a database, not in files. So when a reader clicks “Feb 2004” they will be presented with all the posts from Feb 2004.

    Thank you!
    Does that mean that all my posts will disapear from the frontpage at the end of a month? I’ll have to find the link to the database then, so I can link to the archives from the front-page, right?

    No… the way WP is set up is that it automagically archives your content and gives you an easily accessable place to get to them. Add the funtion call for archives to your index page and WP will do the rest.
    In your menu or left/right div (whatever you are calling where this info will go) place this call: <?php get_archives('monthly'); ?>
    When you hit that page in a browser you will be presented with a list, based on your selections on your config page. Something like this:
    February 2004
    January 2004
    December 2003
    etc. When a user click on any of those links, say January 2004 they will be presented with all the posts that you added in the month of January in 2004, nothing you need to do really.
    As for dropping off at the end of the month, not neccesarily. You set up your index page to hold a specific number of posts, say 7 and as you post the oldest entries will fall off the index page to keep the total number at 7.
    You can see and edit all these options by logging into your wp-admin area and clicking on the options tab.
    Hope this helps some.

    That helped a lot. I knew it was simple, but that simple! You know sometimes, when you’re a newbie, all the details blurs the big picture. I’m on the right track again. Thanx.

    No problem, we were all there at one point.
    Happy Hacking.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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