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    This had had me stump for a week now. I tried using openinviter and it was sending the invites without the actual message that I wanted it to send. Not good for me.. now I look kinda foolish. I am hoping to avoic that in the future. The quoted text of my problem is below. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

    So I a guy running for city council in my town.

    My campaign site runs wordpress.

    I installed the open inviter plugin version 1.7.0 running on WordPress Latest..whatever they just updated to last week.. sorry I forget.

    Under the invite Message body I put in my message and my openinviter info. I go to the main page of my site where I had my invite widget and had it invite all my gmail contact.. some 6,000.

    I know it sent the invites because various websites I operate are in my contact a couple dozen times and I got all the invites but instead of the Message I input under the open invite configuration I got..


    This invite was sent using OpenInviter technology.

    Without my message.. Just that.. What did I do wrong? I already tried posting this on the plugin forums and got no response.

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  • You haven’t done anything wrong I guess, it’s openinviter which is a catastrophy! I keep saying that, maybe one day one of those programmers will pick it up and CORRECT the bugs!

    If there’s any plugin which carries 1000 bugs per bit of code, that’s openinviter …

    I really do not reccomend it to anyone … not the way it is now…

    The fact that the programmers do not really give a d* is proven by the fact that despite everybody complaining about the bugs, they do NEVER bother to answer any of those leave alone improve the code ..

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