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  1. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I just tried out Sodahead polls, which was CRAP. Needed to register at some site to use it.

    I tried out WP-Polls, which was also crap. When it asks me to put posts ID at every time I use it, edit themefiles and use special tags. It is basically = SHIT. And not a good plugin.

    I want a poll that is easy to install, like any other plugin, just dragging it into the folder. And easy to use. I want a button that says "Create poll" and "Add question" then "Add options"... NOTHING MORE.

  2. ipunkbali
    Posted 7 years ago #

    me too, I wanna add poll plugin, but all the plugins are crapp...

  3. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I KNOW right!!!
    So crap.

    Someone please make an easy poll. Just the basic easiest poll you can think of.

    I'm annoyed slightly that often, WordPress is supposed to be easy to use and install. Not needing much skills at all, perhaps a basic understanding of code, at color/size level, nothing more.

    And lots of plugins are really easy to install. But suddenly, some plugins are so fucking hard to install, that if you were that good at coding, you could have made it yourself. These demands you know php all the way and see all problems beforehand. That contradicts completely with what I consider to be WordPress philosophy. And If WordPress is gonna keep on striving for that goal of becoming universally userfriendly. Then you need to improve this.

  4. Justin Tadlock
    WordPress God
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Can someone just ban Marius from the site? For over a year, it's been nothing but complaining, foul language, and rudeness.

    Honestly, these are the types of people that make some of us stay away from the forums when we could be helping those in need.

  5. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Welcome to the world of free spech. Or maybe not? If thats what "this" is?

  6. unixgolf
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Only those who lack the intellect to properly express their point, regress to using foul language. Make your point without dropping a F-Bomb, and I think you find people a little more willing to help.

    BTW, the WP-polls plugin by Lester Chan is excellent.

  7. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Already tried that and no, it SUCKS!

  8. unixgolf
    Posted 7 years ago #

    That's your opinion.

    If WordPress is too hard for you to use, why don't give a Blogger or one of the other "novice" platforms a try.

  9. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Cause now I've been halfway fooled into learning WordPress and started using it, having set up two blogs already.

  10. Mark / t31os

    Posted 7 years ago #

    Can you give examples of what about these plugins suck?...

    Details? ... too hard to use? .. looks bad? ... hard to implement? ...

    The alternative is to write your own if you don't like what's available, after all you're not paying these people to write them for you... and if you were you'd proberly having something "made to spec" ...

    I'm genuinely curious about the above points.

    And, lol.... fooled into using wordpress? ... it's your choice at the end of the day, if you don't like it, then move along.... it's only a choice when it comes down to it..

  11. If you don't like WP Polls, try http://polldaddy.com/

    Welcome to the world of free spech. Or maybe not? If thats what "this" is?

    Free speech is not guaranteed to online environs, and is subject to limitations, such as "hate speech". Freedom of speech means the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation. Not the freedom to be mean, or otherwise unkind. Freedom of speech does not mean you can walk into my house and insult me, and not expect repercussion. And finally, if you're a US citizen, in the US the freedom is only assured if you are speaking in public property. It means that the government cannot censor what you say about the government. WordPress, not being owned by Da Man nor a board about the same, is not subject to that ruling, and can censor you, same as any other 'net board out there.

  12. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    But Internet is a part of the real world. Ultimately laws from the real world should apply. And yes, I can speak however I want. I'm doing it right now - see?

    Yes WP-polls is too hard to implement.
    I uploaded it to plugins, then it asks me to enter Poll ID, which I have no clue about, then it tries to teach me about which numbers I should remember to use in each case. Then it asks me to put codes in several files, and it all becomes too much. I'm not skilled enough to understand it.

    Like I said, give me a poll, that's CLEAN, and easy to use. Which means, 1.upload to plugins, 2.start to use. Nothing more.

  13. Repeat: Try http://polldaddy.com/

  14. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    You obviously have not read what I've said earlier. Cause I've said that I don't want to register anywhere and use a thirdparty pollsystem.

    I want it to be my own. My own design, on my own server, on my own account, in my own code. Commercial-free, clean interface, simple to use.

  15. You may have said that in another topic, but in this one you never specified no third-party system.

    Your first post, in this topic, expresses how you dislike sodapop's polls and WP-Polls. Your second post is a plea for easy polls, follow by rant about plugins. Your third post is an assumption about how freedom of speech works in relation to banning on forums. Fourth is reiteration about WP-Polls. Fifth is about how we fooled you into using WP at all. Six was your ideal that the net should be like the 'real' world, plus a WP-Polls is too hard.

    So. No, you did not mention not having to register anywhere or not use a third-party system IN THIS TOPIC.

    Summation: You have been given the top three choices, and you've now stated you don't like any of them. Sorry, but that's all there is. You can experiment with the other ones listed here but in my experience, the three you've shot down are the best. Right now, I use PollDaddy for the rather infrequent polls I make.

    Honestly, if this is how you treat all the kind volunteers who are attempting to help you out, I understand why so few of the helping hands are here. I'm out.

  16. unixgolf
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I want it to be my own. My own design, on my own server, on my own account, in my own code. Commercial-free, clean interface, simple to use.

    But you don't want to do any work to achieve this. Anything that doesn't fall within your realm of what should be "easy" is crap. If you knew anything at all about DB design, you would see that a poll has to have a unique ID, i.e. poll-id in order to be stored in the database. If you would take a few seconds to read the documentation you could learn a whole lot.

    Again, if you don't want to invest the time to do it correctly in WordPress, go find a platform that is more suited to your skill level. Otherwise, roll-up your sleeves and put in a little effort, you'll be amazed what you get out of this board when you don't act like a spoiled child.

  17. Marius-
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I give up this help forum. It's always been crap and you are just proving that it's still crap.

    When someone has a problem with how things work, and question the idea, you guys naturally have a problem with them. Almost all posts exept ipunkbalis has been a confirmation of what I initially thought.

  18. Mark / t31os

    Posted 7 years ago #

    You make alot of assumptions...

    Quick everyone hide!, Marius has us all sussed!!... ;)


  19. asechrest
    Posted 7 years ago #

    How can you possibly be demanding a poll plugin "of [your] own design" when you haven't the desire/skill to code it yourself!?

    Lesterchan's WP-Polls plugin and the Polldaddy plugin are two of the best in existence. You won't find any better unless you've hired someone to custom code it.

    There are perks to using one over the other. I use Polldaddy because it allows each of my users to create and edit their own polls separately.

    If none of that is acceptable to you, hire it done, or go ahead and give up.

    P.S. - I've looked through your past questions and you've received a whole ton of help here.

  20. Mark / t31os

    Posted 7 years ago #

    I was going to write a basic one, but i thought before i do that i better check what the exising ones are like, and take a peak for code ideas..

    I installed this one..

    I'm going to cancel making one now, simply because the above one is so easy to use it would be a waste of my time..

    It took 1 minute to download and install and a further 1 minute to add a poll into a post..
    [poll id="1"] inside a post shows the demo poll that's included on install..

    Additional polls are created and managed from the settings area here.

    NOTE: The poll ID is on the left-hand side of the polls on the management page, so it's hardly a problem to find out the ID.. (this plugin is far from crap as it was put)

    It couldn't be any easier unless it was built into WordPress, and as much as i like the idea of polls this is not something i'd personally want included with the standard installation of WordPress.

    Testing shows 3-4 queries are required for each poll on the page, with each poll adding an additional 10ms to load times... (of course this is approximate and YMMV)..

    NOTE: An easy approach to limit the extra queries is to have your polls placed on the full article(post), using the more feature..

    Some post content
    The poll code

    You then only have the extra overhead of the poll queries when the full article is being read and not just the summary or introduction..

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