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  • Hi everybody! I’m trying to do a top 50 on my site. Thing is, I want to be able to give the users either 50 options and allow them to number them 1-50 and save there data in a voting/polls way,

    OR allow them to fill out a form with 50 names in their order choice for it then to go to the database and be easily collated and then spat out for stats.

    I’ve seen MM forms and this kinda would do it but need some suggestions on how to get the data from the Database correctly collated so it is easily then compiled.
    Any ideas, anyone?

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  • Ok to get more of an Idea this is exactly what I want VID

    Surely someones got one for wordpress if there’s one for Drupal?

    so basically you get a list of 50 names, you can re-order the list the way you want, save it then it shows you the result (while collating it in the back end or on the database for reference)


    Anyone? Surely there’s something like this out there wordpress-ians?

    James.. any luck with this one? Looking for the same myself

    unfortunately no Arezki, I’m guessing it’d be a j-query writers task, I’m a little code retarded so Don’t know where to start, If I find anything I’ll post a link on here, seems like no one’s answering me in these forums though, did I piss someone off? haha

    IS anyone able to recode this plugin to wordpress? It looks brilliant and it seems wordpress is lacking one, I can’t find a plugin for it anywhere, surely one of you out there is up to the challenge.???

    For anyone reading along I’ve got a start here
    Basically if this could be integrated into a WP plugin, with the functionality of having thumbnails as well as text that is being dragged, then all results gets stored in a database it would be ace.
    Any plugin developing gods up for taking it on?

    I need a voting system too . Any luck James ?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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