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  1. Terry
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I use wp as a blog/cms and the content on my site is regularly referred to for reference material. The problem with wp is that the search is crap (sorry, love wp!), a high volume (daily) aren't finding what they need.

    Soo...I need a search engine. I checked out Google, Yahoo, MSN (their add search to your website feature) and they're crap too. Not only are ads all over the search page, they do a good job pushing your traffic away from your blog to their site--which then directs your traffic to other websites. And to top it off, not all of your pages show up in their site search index (so again--a good percentage of content isn't being found by my users).

    I've checked out many other free options, but most are hosted 3rd party (off your website). I don't want anyone snooping through my logs, so I want the search engine to be hosted on my site. Plus a lot of advertising is being displayed on the search results pages, advertising I have no control over.

    So what I'm wanting:

    • A self-hosted search engine
    • One that will spider the blog daily on an automated scheduled
    • One that can safely be used on a busy site, shared host package--meaning it's not resource intensive that it will take your site down when it's spidering
    • Can easily integrate the search results into my theme/template
    • Somehow be able to spider all the content initially, then a way to remove all the category and archive pages (so just the individual posts will show up in the search results). Ideally I'd love a complete indexing job at first, then just spidering the front page (and the new posts it links to) to add to the master index.
    • Script needs to be secure without 777 permissions so that I don't put my site or other sites on the shared server at risk.
    • Is a good search engine and will have no trouble showing the appropriate results

    I don't want software that I have to run from my computer daily, I want a script package that will be hosted and self-contained on the server.

    I'm willing to pay cash for this (not more than $150-$200), if it works right and doesn't take down my site for being too resource heavy.

    Anyone know of a good search engine that will fit my needs?

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