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  • My website is:

    This is actually my second website using wordpress. The first one was a Webcomic of mine and I was using Comicpress for that so it was a lot more intuitive for me and easier for me to work with.

    I’m still trying to figure out several things with my site, and how to make them work. I’m very good with HTML and even CSS, but I know nothing of PHP and with all the templates it’s hard for me to figure out.

    I tried searching all through this site and google to help me resolve the problems I’m having, and the couple of times I find something useful, it’s usually never resolved in the thread or is resolved but never explained. In short, I couldn’t find anything that helped me through normal searching.

    One thing I’m trying to do is make it so the sidebar appears on the blog post pages. Right now, it only appears on the home page. I have several other pages on my site, which I can choose to make the sidebar appear on or not, but I can’t make it appear on each blog post page. Whenever Someone clicks “read more” I want the sidebar to appear on that page as well, to help navigation and so any potential advertising space I have will appear on as many pages as possible.

    Something else I’m trying to do is adjust individual page sizes. I’ve got a lot of my past work and art to show off, and I have an archive of them here:

    I only have one up at the moment so only the first link in the archive is clickable, and it shows off a description as well as several photos of the piece:

    You can see it’s all centered and kinda squished together, so much so that the photos are made smaller as well. The original size has a width of 840 pixels, and I want each of these pages to be able to appear at their full width instead of shrinking my photos. I would also like to be able to adjust the width of the content on any one of the other pages as well, if that’s possible.

    So again, any help with this would be amazing.

    Something else I would like to be able to do is have a space above the header to fit an ad. There is currently no widget space for “above header” in the theme I’m using.

    And the last thing I’d like to be able to do (that I can think of right now anyway) is to be able to have content above the blog on the main page. What I mean is, I want to be able to have something above the blog and just under the header. Even if it’s ad space, or a “welcome” message or anything like that. I realize I could just make it a normal post and make it sticky so that it’s always at the top no matter what, and if this is my only option then that’s fine. If so, is there a way for me to disable the posting date and time stamps and disable comments so it doesn’t just look like a regular post?

    Alright, that’s all I can think of for now. If I could figure these things out, I think I could finish getting my website up and running.

    Any help at all on any of these would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    [No bumping, thank you.]

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