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  • the combination of search terms for this problem gives me about 8 million (or so) non-relevant results, so i’m resorting to asking a human for assistance.
    I have apache2 installed on an ubuntu system which is live (via IP, not a domain name). When i install and usewordpress, it prevents all access to my website outside of localhost. I want my wordpress (and other web pages within my html directory) to be visible from the internet, AND i want to be able to view them from the local network (specifically localhost) – it seems within the settings i can have one or the other, but i can’t believe this to be true, as it would produce a useless product for home based servers. Please tell me either how to do this, or point me to somewhere that can show me, without me getting to page 10 of search results. If not, i suppose i’ll look for an alternative, thanks.

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  • Since The “Site Address (URL)” is the address you want people to type in their browser to reach your WordPress blog and it takes one value. am not sure that will be possible where you have the IP address and the localhost but running at the same time.

    and yet, every other CMS manages it somehow.
    I now NEED to know each and every apache2 config file that wordpress alters – i have fully removed my LAMP setup, every last bit of information, and reinstalled it, and STILL have the problem. The wordpress setup has changed a system setting (in secret, mind) that now prevents me from running a server on my own computer, wordpress or not – something i was able to do for countless years prior to trying out this wordpress piece of crap.
    i should NOT have to remove my system and reinstall it from scratch just to remove what is basically a script that has taken over my system – point me to the relevent files to revert my server back to a normal default apache server

    The only Apache-related file that WordPress might alter is the .htaccess file at the root of the WordPress directory. It does not, and if you think about it, cannot, alter system-level Apache files. If you don’t want WordPress to alter the .htaccess file, go to its permalink settings page and turn off “pretty URLs”.

    Seems to me that your problem could be solved by some changes to your /etc/hosts file. But then again, I would never run a home system as a server connected to the outside world. Home systems aren’t hardened against attacks, it violates the terms of service of most ISPs, and it opens the door to potentially huge bandwidth overage charges if your site ever gets DDoSed.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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