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    I have scoured the internet and found many video layer plugins, but I have not been able to find a good universal one. Here is what I’m looking for in a video player plugin:

    – Good API: I have some pages that dynamically change the video
    – Universally compatible: Android doesnt have flash, Safari is hard to please, etc. I need a video player that will appease all major browsers and platforms
    – Accomodation of different sources: I have both ftp and youtube videos I would like to play

    Please help, I’ve tried a lot of plugins at this point and am at wit’s end 🙁

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  • Have you had any luck at all with the built-in player? (I only ask because you didn’t happen to mention it) I really have no clue how that might fit into your API requirements, but it’s worth investigating.

    “..lets you use HTML5 audio / video tags in every browser, and, only when necessary, will use a Flash or Silverlight plugin in the background to make incompatible media work.”

    Audio / Video support in Core

    Hm, I actually have not. I will look into this today after work and will report back. Any other suggestions are still welcome until then! Being able to dynamically show/add videos is a very large part of what I need.

    So it turns out default wordpress video player IS a good solution, but it won’t dynamically resize. So that’s a large problem for me. Maybe I’m just not skilled enough to get it to resize how I want. At any rate, I ended up sticking with JWPlayer – it seems to work on all platforms I’ve tried. Last I checked it worked on Android phones, but not tablets. Would still love any feedback for the future, but for now I’d have to suggest JWPlayer. Good API, seems pretty much universally compatible, but I don’t know if it fulfills my last requirement. I basically just use an iframe if the video is from youtube or vimeo.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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