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  • Dear all

    I would be very pleased, if someone could tell me what gallery I should download that has these features, or if someone could create one for me.

    I am looking for following:

    “Overview section” – All my galleries should be places together on ONE page, with a little preview on each gallery

    “Gallery” – All galleries should have theyre pictures shown side by side, and you can click it up for a single page preview.
    Important! – Then you should be able to use your arrows to change the picture to the next or previous one without the hole website reloading

    “Extern user upload” – We are a cupple of photographers together on this website, and I want them to be able to create and upload theyr pictures from the Frontend of the gallery, without haveing access to the Backend of the website

    “Watermark” – All the pictures should automatically have a specific watermark LOGO added to the picture when uploaded

    “Auto resize” – Upload any picture size, and the system will automatically resize it both in KB and in a prefixed pixelsize like 800×533 / 533×800 pixels

    “Seperated page” – The galleries should not be on the posts. It should be on a page, when clicked Galleri in the Navbar

    I hope you understand what I mean, and know if there is a gallery that allready supports these things.

    I though that NextGen was enough for my needs – but it wasent.



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  • You probably need a separate gallery app.

    Check out (in alphabetical order) :
    Coppermine –
    Gallery –
    ZenPhoto –

    I believe each one has an Ajax theme that will let you use arrows to navigate.

    Coppermine – Hmm.. I know it works, and have a lots of functions..
    But I just feel, that it is something “everyone has”, which make me want something more unique. I really think websites using Coppermine, is kinda amature. And if they aint, they are very often “forum based websites”.

    Gallery – Ive tryed that once before.. but I couldnt get it to work?
    And how can I impl. it into WP anyway?

    Zenphoto – Hmm.. Maybe a good choice.. But it seems too complicated..

    Actully what I want is, that my photographers can sign in on the website, with a user account, and when they have signed in, they can click on Gallery and a submenu appears that says:”upload pictures”..
    WHen they click it, a new page arrive..
    On this page, they can create a new section, album and gallery, name it and upload pictures to it.

    When done, the gallery system has resized the pictures it self and added a watermark to all the pictures.

    I really cant belive, that it should be SO hard to find such a gallery. I really think its out there somewhere!

    But thanks anyway for your post.
    Any other ideas is very welcome!

    They do exist, but perhaps not for free.

    The one that sounds just like what you’re asking for is

    ZenPhoto lacks the ability for random people to register, which is a nice safety net seeing as commenting on a blog is way different from uploaded LARGE files 🙂

    I don’t use Gallery or Coppermine anymore.

    Photoshelter seems to be able to do those things im looking for.

    But then I have to add them to an exterinal website.
    I want to host the pictures myself, even that I know that it safes Webserver Trafic to have them hosted somewhere else..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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