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  • Hello there. I’m working on this website for which I apologize since it’s in Spanish. Regardless of the language, however, I would like to know if there is a way to divide the header in three sections. I need to move the logo to the left side, and have two more free spaces in it, so I can put embedded flash files or widgets on the center and right side. If there is a way, could someone help me out with it? I’m not used to this theme, to be honest. Any help is much obliged!

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    Hi Kurashiki I just want to drop in and let you know I am looking at this now. I have concerns about the way you called up your logo because that way is not very Google friendly. If you were copying the way we did it on the other post make note that he also had the text written out for the logo that is the reason we did it that way.
    Anyway I will see what I can come up with here for you.

    Oh, I’ll check the other thread and see if I can adapt to that method in the meantime.



    Hi Kurashiki first thing is your theme has an option to move your logo to the left top of the page which will either be at

    Apperance > Theme Options


    Apperance > Customize

    Now my recommendation to accomplish what you want is to ‘Widgetize’ the right side of your header. This could be done with straight CSS as well but if you go the widget route you can add virtually ANYTHING you want there with ease. This is a little bit complex but can be done. I recommend you follow the instructions that wordpress provides or you unfortunately will have to hire a developer to do this for you

    *NOTE: Something interesting I noticed about your theme is that is comes with an advertisement area already built into it at:

    Appearance > Theme Options > Then scroll down to heading: Advertisement Settings

    Now a guy might be able to get a little creative here and put the code in that you are trying to do because this will render it right in the location that you seek. For example if I can drop a 468×60 or 728×90 banner in there I can put any other code similar to it and it will drop it right beside the Logo as you are requesting.

    I hope this helps

    Thank you. I’ll try doing those things. I’ll notify back with whatever results I got.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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