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  • *I’ll explain this the best that I can. I’m a useless autodidact web developer.

    I had (in fact I still have) a subdomain folder. I first installed WordPress into the subdomain so it was ‘.com/home’.

    All of the posts and of course everything uploaded went into that folder.

    I asked the question to my host support about what would happen if I had the files transferred across to the main domain to drop the ‘/home’ part as I wanted to try and improve my SEO. They moved the files anyway so all of the previous posts lost the ‘/home’ in their url. I had to painstakingly alter all of the posts which contained internal links.

    Now, I have a folder in the backend of cPanel which contains a mass of previous themes, plugins etc and what you would get if you uploaded anything to WordPress. Now I don’t know if having that subdomain folder is a good idea. I wish to delete it so I’m not carrying any further weight and to clean up the backend but if I now upload any new plugins they go straight to that ‘/home’ folder and I don’t know if say a cache plugin would work properly.

    I use my site as a personal project. I try to spend as little as possible because I can not afford anything and my host support I fear is absolutely ******* useless. Their first response was to consider an account reset.

    I could do with some help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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