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  • Add Widget After Content plugin was missing the ability to filter based on categories (it initially only allowed filter based on post type and post format).

    I have modified your plugin to support filtering based on categories.

    Added this to the awac_initialize_options function after line 137 (in add-widget-after-content-admin.php):

    				__('Post Categories<p class="description">The widget will not show on post categories that are checked</p>', $this->plugin_name ), 
    				array($this, 'awac_postcategories_boxes_display'), 

    Then in the same file, at line 255, I added this new function:

    		 * Display the categories for posts
    		public function awac_postcategories_boxes_display(){
    			$post_categories = get_categories(); 
    			$options = (array)get_option('all_post_categories');
    			foreach ( $post_categories as $category ) {
    				$cat = $category->name;
    				if( !isset($options[$cat]) ){
    					$options[$cat] = 0;
    				echo '<label><input name="all_post_categories['. $cat .']" id="all_post_categories['. $cat .']" type="checkbox" value="1" class="code" ' . checked( 1, $options[$cat], false ) . ' />'. $cat .'</label><br />' ;

    Then in add-widget-after-content.php in show-awac function at line 134, I added this line:
    $exclude_category = (array)get_option('all_post_categories');

    And added this line at line 137 (same file, same function):
    $category = get_the_category();

    Then finally, at line 153 (in the same file and function), I added this code:

    			foreach ($category as $categories) {
    				$cat = $categories->name;
    				if(isset($exclude_category[$cat]) == 1){
    					return false;
    				return true;

    I didn’t add code for categories for meta functions, and I haven’t tested to determine whether that code will cause issues for if a post type/format is excluded. But it does the job. Hopefully the above changes will save you time and work in adding filtering based on categories in the next update so I don’t lose the feature I added to your plugin. 🙂

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  • Thread Starter doncullen


    Seems you updated the plugin 5 days ago, which appears to include my customization.

    However, it appears that the new code has one line commented out (//true); this results in widget not showing up for selected categories.

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    Plugin Author Arelthia Phillips


    That is correct. Since the post type and the post format options are setup to not show when checked the categories are also set up to not show when checked.

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