• who literally tried ALL the builders LOL. But Themify won me over hands down. Unfortunately for me it was also, literally, the last one I tried! I was able to figure out the navigation and tools very simply and build an amazing test site in the time I was still debating with the others each time if it was just me!

    Thank-you Themify, I’m on my way to purchase the Master Pack here soon.

    Update: I began having major issues with some things, and was told by numerous tech support folks it was the builder/themes wreaking all the havoc.

    Themify support was/is in my top five, and very close to the top of it. They reached out and provided support that was above and beyond. Not only was I surprised, but very grateful because as you can tell by the first raving review that I left, I very much like the builder and the themes. I prefer it to any of the top names I have tried. Thanks Themify.

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