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  • I updated my site layout. I used a font switcher so you can enlarge or shrink your font size on the screen (for the people who can’t read it) and also implemented a skin switcher, which has 3 styles and an option to set it on random so it changes everytime you visit. I have to work on other parts of it right now so, this is still a live update in progress. If the font is too small or too big by default, change it on the top left, font – making it smaller and font + making it bigger. Notice any quirks? Please leave comments, I am trying to catch all of them.

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  • wow, lovely,
    really love the color scheme…

    Wow, that is exceptionally cool. The font size changing is great, is this a standard feature in 1.3?

    uber-awesome layout. love it.

    No, nothing on my main page is a standard for WP 1.3, sadly. I am going to type up a “dissection” of my new layout since I use a lot of things people want to try out.
    Any quirks though? I am listing as much as I can on the post so when I have time I can shift thru them and fix them.

    Awesome design! I also like how you can change font size/skin at the very top of the navigation bar.




    font size switching, and css tweaks :
    worth the read, definiately

    I like the evening skin. One thing i would change ist the CSS for the comments. A little more margin (or padding) on the left and right should look better.
    I like that font switcher. Cool feature.

    dissurion, do you have AIM? I want to talk to you about the comments you made. As in, what did you want me to do about your first comment and I just didn’t understand your second one. And as always, your comments are appreciated.

    Hi cLin,
    I don’t have AIM, and am not even always available on computer. So I’ll try to explain it here a bit more.
    The first one is about one of the pictures I saw you using. It’s this one:
    I can see this has been downloaded already a lot, and I believe I have seen this picture once on another site. I don’t doubt I will come across this on other sites as well. And I think you used another (less popular) picture from this photographer also.
    Now, these are nice pictures (and a nice girl), so using them like you do is aesthetically pleasing. But when you see them all over the internet there comes an aura of amateurism over the site. Like those free animated gifs you see all over those personal homepages where people just made their first site.
    I’m not saying this is already the case, but I think it’s good to keep in mind.
    The second suggestion was one about the colors you use. It’s 99% shades of green. From Veerle’s Blog (a Belgian designer, and she’s an interesting read), I learned that that can get boring. An interesting technique, as you can read in the article, is to use a couple of variations of the same colour (eg like you did), and spice up the whole with a contrasting colour here and there. Eg Veerle’s blog is made out of green primarily, with some red/orange. That’s what she talks about in the article: choosing the colour scheme.

    Your site looks awesome, but some of the links on the left-hand menu are way too small. Other than that, it looks really good.

    I think that your site with the “morning” skin looks perfect, IHMO.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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