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  • Okay, I love Wrodpress and have had several blogs running on it. But I have a new site that is going to be relatively static. Maybe 25 pages total. So, I hate to set up a WP site, and have to do the updates and so on, and use a database.

    I’m wondering what type of software out there would let me pretty freely develop a simple site with header, footer, sidebars and body, but without having to deal with databases. Something way less than Dreamweaver.

    Anything like this?

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  • mozilla has a free software that is like dreamweaver called NVU…

    NVU is pretty cool for small HTML based websites. Free and works like DW.

    Thanks, I’ll check it out!

    Do you know if it will let you properly preview pages that have php includes to other elements? For example, rather than coding the header and sidebar on every page, I do a

    include ("header.php");

    I’d like to be able to display the page the way it would normally display with the included elements.

    aah. nvu is reported to have issues with PHP code in it. 🙁 that’s what i have heard. u might want to experiment with it and give ur opinion here. 🙂

    I just downloaded it and realized it had templates, which could meet my needs. However, when I try to build a page with the template as soon as I place my cursor on the page, I get the error that the program has been ended (Firefox). I tried it several times.

    Apparently this proigram is not yet ready for primetime.

    Any other ideas? Even a sophisticated “web site builder”.

    u mean to say that a page created with NVU crashed your firefox? that’s weird coz it would have nothing to do with the NVU application. 😐

    Sorry, not on Firefox. Just on it’s own. Sorry about that.

    Doing too many things at one time to think properly!

    hmmm… I’ve never gotten that error before using NVU…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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