• sethron


    Pros: This Gallery plugin is the most intuitive of the gallery plugins I’ve used, and I’ve used *a lot*. What it promises is what it gives, and I’m super excited about that! It’d be a 5 star rating, except…

    Cons: The plugin crashes. Constantly. It can’t handle the load of a full artist gallery, and I can’t save it. I have to basically pray for it to save itself on an auto save. Now that I updated to WordPress 5.6, it’s nothing but Internal 500 errors when I try to save the gallery, and that is not useful at all. *rubs forehead*

    It’s a really great plugin, and I even bought the $100 version, but if it can’t even save because it can’t handle my artist gallery what am I to do? *sighs* I know having a huge amount of content isn’t what people expect, but I’m at a loss here. This is my website. It should be able to hold my art.

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  • Plugin Author Cristian Raiber


    @sethron – really sorry for the late reply here – with the winter holidays and all, replies are slower.

    From my understanding, you’ve already been in contact with my colleague – Mihaela.

    I’m going to add my 2c here – this shouldn’t be an issue for Modula. We’ve had multiple photographers load even more photos / gallery and never have we encountered a crash.

    HOWEVER, there’s a lot of stuff to take into account. If you’d be willing to give us a chance to try and replicate (and fix!) this for you, I’d be more than happy to do it.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    P.S: Happy (almost) New Year!

    Much love,

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