• I have a client who is a professional musician, and she wanted to sell CDs on her new WordPress site that I created for her. I looked around for a plugin to do this, came across this one, and installed it. It was so easy, and it works great! She has already started getting orders.

    There was an issue in the checkout process where the shipping charge would somehow end up as double what it should be. I contacted Niaz, and he helped me figure out where the trouble was – with Paypal. There was a setting in the client’s Paypal account that told it to add a shipping charge to any orders, so that is what Paypal was doing. I changed that in the Paypal account and now it works 100% correctly.

    This is definitely the plugin I will be using for any websites that sell products. If you want to see this one in action, check out
    BonnieWhitehurst.com (professional harpist in the Tampa Bay area).

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