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  • I have used Koko Analytics for almost a year and I never had a single problem. This plugin is just well done.

    Why should you use this plugin?

    1. Simple. Koko Analytics is simple, easy-to-use, does not bombard you with tons of data and metrics. You go to see how many views your pages get, and that is. Effective, simple, idiot-proof.

    2. Privacy. This plugin is privacy-friendly. It does not track any user. It does not collect unnecessary data and does not send data anywhere. Moreover, the plugin respects the “do not track” signal. Very appreciated. If you care about privacy, this is a must-go. If you don’t care about privacy and you are in Europe, you can use this plugin to collect less data e have less problem with the GDPR. You can even set it so that it won’t use any cookie, and you don’t use cookie you don’t have to use the “do you accept cookies?” banner. Cool.

    3. Free software. If you care about FOSS, you will be happy knowing that Koko is licensed under the GNU GPL 3.

    4. 100% FREE!

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