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  • UPDATED REVIEW (April 20, 2013)

    I have to deduct one star from my original review because I just discovered that the database backups created by this plugin do not enclose timestamp values in quotes. The missing delimiters generate a syntax error when I try to import the database from a backup file in phpMyAdmin. This means that databases containing timestamp values cannot be restored directly from the backup file created by this plugin; however, I developed a temporary workaround for this problem and have posted it here:

    ORIGINAL REVIEW (March 13, 2013)

    I used to use the WP-DB-Backup plugin to back up the database on all my WordPress sites, but that plugin hasn’t been updated in over two years and didn’t work at all on a new WordPress 3.5.1 site I’m building. I decided to look for something else and found BackUpWordPress, which I absolutely love!

    I love that BackUpWordPress lets me back up both the database and the file system. Plus, it compresses the backups using the zip file format, which Windows PCs understand without any special software. I love that I can set up separate schedules to back up the database and file system automatically, at whatever intervals I choose, and keep as many backup copies as I want. I love that I can store the backups on the server and easily download them with a mouse click right within WordPress — I don’t need to access the cPanel on my web host to save backups on my local machine.

    This plugin is a great choice for web hosts that provide automatic daily file backups. If you want the added security of encryption and cloud-based storage, Online Backup for WordPress looks promising.

    Thanks for a great backup solution!

    Fred Chapman

    P.S. To find out how to control the plugin’s advanced settings, go to the Manage Backups screen, click on Help in the upper right corner, then click on Constants in the left sidebar — there are lots of goodies to be found there!

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