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    I love the idea, but the custom settings of position, size doesn’t work as intended.

    I’ve tested on my own Samsung phone and also ran mobile test on

    You can see that it is failing in this screenshot here: because it doesn’t change according to the settings of being on the left , right side etc. (with the smaller round button)
    It just keeps using the default setting “Full bottom” and fill the whole bottom monitor real-estate. The only “advanced” setting that works is changing the color..
    If the Google Analytics settings works or not, is however not something I can answer on, but I assume that they do.

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  • A direct feedback to you guys after my first impression is that it would be nice if you had some custom way to move the button around to a certain exact fixed position, pixel by pixel so you could place it where you wanted it.

    I for example already have two important elements at the bottom and I do not wish to have these covered up by the call button, (Obviously).

    But that is maybe something you already have thought of and are planning in the pro-version?

    Plugin Author Jerry G. Rietveld


    Hi angrywarrior,

    Thanks for your message. I can assure you that nothing is failing. When you enter text in the “Button text” field, it will only show as a full width button.

    When you remove the text, you will be able to position the round call button at 3 positions along the bottom of your phone screen and the “Button size” slider will allow you to resize the button to fit your design.

    Thanks for your feedback in your 2nd message.


    Hi Jerry.
    Thanks for your reply.

    Oh! So that is what is going on… Thank you for explaining that. Although I don’t completely understand the logic behind that then you write a custom text the “full width button” is forced.(Is it like that as a fail safe against people that would write too much text and then the smaller button cannot contain the text?).
    From my way of seeing things you should be able to chose yourself the button style even when you have typed a custom text…

    Thanks, my pleasure in regards to the feedback. 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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