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    This place has been up for a good while, but…LOL, I only just happened on this subforum and realized, Duh! I should leave my link here so that the rest of you can give feedback and maybe some constructive criticism. (Be nice, please!) The current theme is indisputably the best one for my personal needs IMO, I’ve never seen anything that beats it! <3

    And no, I’ve never used a gallery, b/c in media storage I’ve been rather worried about image quality, something I’m VERY persnickety about… In fact I dont even know how to use gallery themes. But I have a “testbed” site where I’m trying to teach myself…

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  • I’m not sure what your fear of “Galleries” is from. They really only provide a way to organize and present your images. A gallery plugin wouldn’t change the resolution of an image, it only presents what you uploaded to your server.

    As an example, the page showing Callie presents one image and you have to go to another page to see the next picture and so on, selecting from a numbered list at the bottom of the image. A gallery would show all 15 images in thumbnail form on one page and give the visitor the option of selecting which picture they want to look at in a larger format. Having no idea of what the next image will be and having to wait for a page change will quickly cause a visitor to lose interest. A casual visitor may only look at the first two or three images and move on…the last ten pictures may never get viewed because it’s too time consuming to wait for page changes.

    Another thing a gallery will add is a lightbox (WordPress has one built in) for viewing the images in a larger format. The way your site is currently set up, you have to make yet another page change to show the single image. The lightbox gives the visitor the option to scroll through all the images never making a page change.

    You should consider a gallery plugin, it would definitely enhance your site and overall navigation.

    Another thing you should consider is using link titles as opposed to showing the URL’s. The URL’s are long and not particularly descriptive. Or you could get a simple button plugin to provide the additional navigation these links are doing.

    You have a nice site, but it’s a bit old fashioned and lacks convenience in presentation and navigation.

    Good luck,

    Overall, your theme is pretty simple. As your blog is mainly targeted to images, perhaps having a more galary focused theme will help. I agree with roostertail, galery theme is the best option for you.

    Also, i would suggest you to make an updated homepage for your blog, at this moment your homepage is static. Try to get a logo for your blog as well, and putting some social media like facebook/twitter on your blog will also help. Try stumbleupon as well, it works good with images.

    keep it udpated,

    Okay, good thoughts…seems I have a lot to learn! My blogsite is a major move from another really old-fashioned site built along the lines of the HTML of 2001 or so (which explains my comment on the homepage). I actually had a gallery of sorts created there, different galleries for the various categories. So, basically I know what you mean, and I’ve seen the lightbox feature built in to several themes.

    AdsensePlugin says: Also, i would suggest you to make an updated homepage for your blog, at this moment your homepage is static.

    I always thought any homepage would be naturally, static. This may seem a foolish question, but would “social media” cause it to be NOT static?

    I don’t use Twitter…but I would really like every new or updated post to connect to my Facebook account. I’m not sure how to do that? – or can i just hit “Share this” to do it?

    Anyway, I’d better be putting my “test blog” through some hoops!

    @blueamulette, home page of a blog is usually updated, a fresh homepage ranks good too… You are displaying your about page on the homepage, would suggest you to show your latest post on the homepage…

    If you integrate a social stream, facebook/twitter then it will not NOT static… because the updates from the social sites will be displayed on your homepage, or the sidebar..

    You need a facebook fan page to do that. Once you have a facebook fan page, you can configure your blog feeds to automatically get posted on your fan page wall, i guess it should be the “notes” menu of the fan page from where it is done..


    Featured posting? – yeh, that would be cool, I could do that. 😉

    At one time I was using the earlier version of Mystique. I loved that theme but got away from it only b/c I was afraid the elaborate features were distracting from my photo work…but it did have FB and Twitter already integrated, no extra work on my part! 🙂 Now, however, we have to download from ATOM and I don’t know if the old version has become “paid” or not…haven’t looked into it. Why’d they do that??

    Yes I do have a Facebook page, I rarely use it, BUT I would love it if any new posts got shown there, somewhere… Friends and family would take me seriously then!

    Uhmm. At present I’m still puzzling over exactly how to begin a gallery style site, I’ve never tried it before in here…the Codex is a tad confusing. My former non-WP site had pages of thumbnails, but no lightboxes or other nice features, you had to click each TN to see the full size image (I’m sure you’ve seen those kind of sites).

    My current theme has the gallery post format, does that require a script or shortcode?

    I can not open the site.

    Sometimes, my free hosting svc has problems, but this is the pattern, usually before very long everything is OK again. I checked, the site opens fine, I even checked on my site URL in profile here, and it’s all OK.

    Thanks again for the good advice, we’re working on the changes. Seems I won’t be able to install a gallery plugin OR load all images to the media files here, I just have way too much work! 😉 I’m also on rural dialup which makes any major task take for-EVER… I installed a Picasa plugin, but Picasa is a nightmare to upload my works into, it is soooo slow…it would take me a year, and I have lots more images to get processed and placed on the site. I discovered that Imageshack (where most of my photos are stored) will hotlink your images via thumbnails. But, initially I made the fatal mistake of NOT telling it to remove all watermarks. Therefore, all my TNs come thru with image info stamped on them, waaah. 🙁

    Sooo. Guess my only option left is to manually create smaller images for display purposes, TNs that can all be shown on a single post. That will work even though it won’t be fancy, no lightbox or zoom feature, etc. I have about 40 posts that need this treatment. Trust me, that’s how I’ll do things from now on!

    I installed a CKEditor plugin to replace the missing visual editor, and it works a treat! The ONLY problem?…the author forgot to include the automatic resizing button that lets you click on an image to quickly resize…

    Are you telling Picasa what size picture you want down or uploaded? In options on Picasa I take my 18 mg per picture and have them down or up to size 640 or 800. Works fast and that is all I need for sizes on web. I keep my large files intact for future in separate hardrive. Also I might suggest editing quality of your pictures. Picasa is quick for this, Contrast, Crop and its done. Make your pictures. POP, with color and make sure they are sharp and IN FOCUS> Hope with helps, you’ve spend many hours on blogs, as myself and the PICTURE is What Counts.

    Still having trouble loading to Picasa, had to give it up finally, due to my sluggish dialup. I’ve got maybe 250 images displayed on long posts (that is, any posts containing more than 3 images) and I can see where it would take me a year literally to load them all to Picasa. All my original images are stored on hard drive (yes, I’m overdue for making CD backups) and last spring I began using Imageshack to store copies of everything for my weblog. My biggest mistake was not realizing that large preview images on my weblog would cause a problem (as described early in this thread by someone wiser than me!) and I should have small thumbnails instead. It’s a bit too late now to do so much work all over again. But I have almost finished manually creating a series of small thumbnails (300-400px wide) which won’t make for a fancy display, but I’ve done that in past websites and it worked.

    I’m not a professional photographer, but I am learning more all the time. 🙂 When I have the chance, I will be combing thru everything on my site and making visual improvements. I know that there are images, even banners, that need tweaking (colors or contrast off), and a few might need to be discarded. My equipment isn’t expensive either. The Scans section consists of older “hard copy” images that don’t always translate well online, I discovered. The Digital section features images made with a Kodak camera and a newer Canon. My art programs aren’t the newest but they are serviceable (Paint Shop Pro versions 7 and 10)…

    I will be visiting your link, I’m always eager to learn more about how to improve my work…

    So long domain name

    You have selected good theme and
    your site have very informative contents.

    The only thing I didn’t like about your website was that I had to do a lot of clicking before I actually got into your set of images, and by then I was almost a little not interested anymore.

    It also, IMO, seemed a little weird to see “about” on the front page.

    One other thing would be since you are a website about photography and pictures you logo seems a little bland being just text.

    I had to do a lot of clicking before I actually got into your set of images, and by then I was almost a little not interested anymore.

    Yeah, I get that…and that was the only thing about my site I was a little cloudy about; I wasn’t sure how to take the visitor quickly from my home page right to the categories. I still have old bad habits that carry over from my early static website days… So should I just leave navigation to the Archives and Categories dropdowns? But then, I would no longer have need of Pages as a “guide” sort of. Which I suppose would be OK…

    I’m even considering building a separate site (much simpler than this one!) for my Fractals graphics. Somehow they don’t quite seem to fit the gardening and outdoor nature theme of the site.

    The easiest thing to change would be the site header, I could easily create a custom header (those are fun!).

    I will also change the “About” to “Home” if possible, some themes don’t seem to allow easy changes there…

    Oh, and something else: if my domain name seems over-long, I could alter the site’s title, but since my host is a free service, there’d be no way to change that without starting all over again (a horrid thought, esp. since I am on this ghastly dialup).

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