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I love it! There´s just one thing…

  • BeautyPirate


    This works out of the box on WP 3.5 and the Twenty Twelve theme. Love it so far. It kills the calls to gravatar.com and serves local avatars.

    But what I don´t get is why this is supposed to be working alongside ´Simple Local Avatars (only)?

    So what exactly happens IF the user has a Gravatar will that be served instead because I don´t want that at all. I don´t care if users have Gravatars, I am taking care of my users privacy.

    One last thing: Does it support Buddypress´s uploaded Avatars? Please keep up to this, many people ask for this kind of stuff. Just call it “DISABLE GRAVATAR” and you´ll have a million downloads a day^^

    And please add a donation page!

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