I love it!

  • Can’t thank you guys enough for this plugin! Does it handle featured images as well? It’s the only thing that didn’t come through.

    Thanks again!

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    Awesome feedback – thank you! That’s weird about the featured images… they should have come through too. Can you tell if maybe the image locations are broken (files missing?) or they are just no longer associated with the posts? Either way we’ll try to reproduce the issue and see what’s going on.

    Hmm, I checked the library and some files weren’t associated, I tried associating them but it didn’t solve the problem. Maybe it’s a strange plugin or the theme that I’m using, or maybe the permalink structure? I’m poking around in the plugin directory as we speak.

    The Images in the medialibrary in the cloned site now show up without a preview, so it’s not only the featured images: http://i49.tinypic.com/2vtbjnd.png

    Hi! I think I figured it out, the images link to a non existing folder:

    NS Cloner doesn’t create the appropriate folder for the files anymore. I reinstalled the plugin, but that didn’t work. Something wrong in my folder structure perhaps..

    Another thing is that it doesn’t update the content in the sidebar. The links link not to the new site folder but the original site. Weird!

    Any idea’s?


    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Thanks for the extra info! On the files – we just discovered an issue a few days ago with the way that 3.5 changed the upload location per site. It used to be wp-content/blogs.dir/ID and now it is uploads/sites/ID. So, we are working on a patch for that.

    As for the links in the sidebar, that’s puzzling. It should have updated them, but maybe there was a unique situation and the replacements didn’t match. Hmmm…. What were the links stored in? Which widget? Are they category links or what else?


    Thanks for the info regarding the patch, I think it’s a theme issue or a Woo Commerce issue. I’ve installed WordPress again, and I run into the same thing with the sidebar. The sidebar widget is a simple image widget and a testimonial widget. But both custom theme widgets. I’ll keep you posted!

    Hmm, I can’t figure out what goes wrong. I will contact my hosting company if they have some kind of restrictions in place regarding the database.

    How is the patch coming along? 🙂

    You guys are my heroes. Everything works now, thanks! I will keep an eye on that pro plugin!

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Right on! Glad it’s working for you, and a million thanks for letting us know. It’s always a relief to have our own testing validated “in the wild.” BTW we’re actually in the process of launching the Pro version. It’s available now – http://neversettle.it/shop/ns-cloner-pro/ – and we’re just wrapping up some quick plumbing on the cart (although it’s fully functional using paypal). Once the final details are in place we’ll do an announcement blast. Thanks for all your support!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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