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  • I just read the blog post about the 5.9 beta and was really disappointed. I don’t want to sound ungrateful as a lot of great people are investing their time making WordPress better with each update, but I worry that there aren’t any new features that will advance WordPress as a CMS.

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  • Totally agree. I hate Gutenberg and every time I am forced to interact with WordPress, I get more and more frustrated with fewer redeeming values except that learning a new blogging system would take more time than figuring out Guternberg. For 15 years, I used to post weekly, tweak my blog design, tweak plugins, play with themes. I adored WordPress. I told my friends to use it. I posted code (I’m an English teacher who majoted in philosophy!) Ever since Gutenberg I procrastinate every time I have to do anything with my website. I scream at the computer. I wept openly once with frustration.

    If it was a better CMS (which it used to be when custom post types and taxonomies were prominent. I LOVED those!!!) or WooCommerce didn’t force you to pay for every step, I would be able to put it out of my mind. But I have to say that Classic Editor makes me no longer want to slit my wrists everytime I’m forced to blog.

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    Maybe that is a misunderstanding but I really like the new editor and I would not want to go back. The usability improved in the last couple of years and also the possibilities to adapt Gutenberg to your needs. You should give it another try.
    My problem with WordPress at the moment is, that there are a lot of areas that could need some attention but the development is mainly focused on Gutenberg and Full Site Editing.

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