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    I changed my verification in Google Search Console from URL Prefix to Domain. My understanding was domain would cover www, non-www, HTTP, and https all in one. I verified ownership and all was fine, until I went to my hosted WordPress site.

    Site Kit said I was missing permissions. I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, but I am still getting an error “You don’t have permissions to authenticate with Site Kit.”

    I reviewed the forum and found one ticket that suggested that I needed to redirect HTTP to https, but that is already done. My domain on the backend of WordPress is https://nomadicfire.com

    What else can the permission problem be?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @sison2466 thanks for reporting. We are currently investigating this issue so these details are helpful.

    1) Could you send us your Site Health information through this form?

    2) Could you confirm you have full administrator role access and to the Settings > General page from the WordPress dashboard?

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    1) Sent
    2) my email used for Site Kit and the email listed in Administration Email Address are the same.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    @sison2466 many thanks for the info!

    1) Can you navigate to the WP admin screen under Settings > General) successfully?

    2) If so, could you try this workaround that may help update the Site Kit service? Let us know if you are able to proceed without the error:

    – In your WordPress site settings (under Settings > General), change the values for the WordPress Address and Site Address to http:// from https://
    – You may be prompted to log back into WordPress. Log back in and then change the values back to https:// from http://
    – Attempt the Site Kit setup again

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    1) Yes I can

    2) I cannot. The URL, which is currently https://nomadicfire.com, is greyed out and cannot be changed.

    @sison2466 thanks for your reply!

    1) When you visit this link, could you tell us which versions of the site are listed as verified?

    2) Could you tell us the steps you took to change the site from a URL Prefix property to a domain property in Search Console?

    We’re trying to recreate the issue to address it, so this would be most helpful!

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    1) nomadicfire.com (which according to the link I did over a years ago)
    And https://nomadicfire.com/ (which I did 13 days ago)

    2)I removed all the properties that were showing up in GSC. Then added the property using the “Domain” option shown here. https://imgur.com/a/iCwfqNT

    @sison2466 thanks again for these details. While we investigate this further on our side, do you have access to disconnect from Site Kit at the top right and attempt the setup process?

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    I can, but the setup process is where I get the error message.

    Site Kit said I was missing permissions. I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, but I am still getting an error “You don’t have permissions to authenticate with Site Kit.”

    @sison2466 thanks for your attempt. We’ll keep looking into this and report back as soon as we have an update. Thanks for your patience and feedback.

    @sison2466 we’re still investigating this issue and will be adding additional checks to Site Kit’s Site Health information to help determine the source of the problem.

    – If it is possible, could you create a test Google Account and try to connect Site Kit?

    – Also, would you happen to have other sites where Site Kit is connected successfully? If so, are they in the same environment?

    Thanks again!

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    I made another account. Verified GSC using TXT DNS record. I can view GSC with the new account.

    However, when I go to install Site Kit, I get same “You don’t have permissions to authenticate with Site Kit.”

    Same as with the old account.

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    Just so you know, the issue resolved itself after I changed hosts. Not sure how, why, or even if changing hosts resolved the issue, but it is resolved.

    @sison2466 super helpful insights! I’m glad you got pass the error.

    We’ll do some further testing on your previous host to see if we can locate the problem.

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