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    Dear all,

    I would like to ask you for help.

    From 4 days I’m struggling with changing domain and server for my WordPress blog.

    I do exactly the same steeps as in Codex ( ). I used Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script to safely change all instances. (

    The blog works. BUT. It’s looks like new one!

    All data are on the server, but WordPress don’t recognize them. Instead it’s looks that the blog will be just after installation. There is no post, comments, or even themes.

    I really done a lot of reading, but I did not find the same case, so I decide to ask you guys. I would be grateful for any help.

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  • I tried first 3 steeps. Nothing happens.
    I will try the last one, make changes directly in phpMyAdmin database files.

    I just noticed, that blog losing theme CSS, just after trying to log into admin by

    To restore theme CSS value, I need to reupload phpMyAdmin database.

    Still no solution…

    I tried the last option. And it doesn’t work. BUT !
    I found that I don’t need to reupload phpMyAdmin database, I just need to change 2 files in phpMyAdmin.

    Following CODEX instruction”Changing the URL directly in the database”
    available at:

    I made changes in wp_options file, in “siteurl” and “home” fields. I tiped “” value.

    After that my ‘blog’, and ‘theme CSS’ appear correctly. The problem is that, again. If I trying to log into admin panel by, the server provider website coming up.

    I found that after I trying log in to admin panel, the values in wp_options file, in “siteurl” and “home” fields are changing for “” OR “” from correct value of “”.

    I think that there’s could be lack of some files responsible to load Admin panel. They could don’t copied during files transfer via FileZilla. (I noticed some fail transfers during copying, but then I load listed files manually on server). Does anyone know those files?

    I think I explained everything what’s happening here. Does anyone experienced problem like this ??

    I found the problem. It was bug in wp-login.php file. I delated wp-login.php off of my server and upload a new copy from a fresh WordPress download.

    There is still PROBLEM

    Now administrator panel looks like “without options”. Please look, I uploaded screen on server:

    What should I do now ?

    @karol Pelc,
    I am sorry to say that you do not want to do what you are required to do. I alerted you about a MALWARE problem a few hours ago. You emphatically deny that and even do not try to clean up your installation. Esmi too advised you about the absence of certain things. You did NOT CARE.
    NOW, look at this scan report, which is a screen shot.

    Dear Krishna,

    I’m not require to paid 89 £ for this services. Especially if this is not solution.

    (Btw. Chcek new installations, some of them after some modyfication also have Malaware according to this website. They just want to charge you.

    I already solver my problem by reuploading in database, and changing part of code in phpMyAdmin tables.

    Thank you for all suggestions guys. If someone will ever have similar problem, and reading this post, he can always contact me.

    I’m always willing to help.

    Please read this post. It just tells you what you have to do if you are hacked:

    Thank you very much Krishna. I will follow those steeps. This link is helpful.

    You are welcome.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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