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  • Quick forensics on your IP shows it’s from Laos and on a bunch of block lists. Perhaps that’s the first thing to fix.

    Perhaps just add your IP into Wordfence as “Bypass all Rules” and be done with it?



    Thanks for your information. I’ve tried as you said but

    – When I logout, Wordfence still marks me as bot (as it says “mylocation” left and logged in successfully as “Admin”.)
    – When I login, Wordfence marks me as human (“mylocation” visited

    By the way, If Wordfence marks me as bot, how about my users and visitors. Does Wordfence mark them as bots,too? If so, how do I know who is a bot or not?

    It’s not science, it’s just a bunch of parameters Wordfence came up with to try and figure what’s a bot and what’s not. Don’t obsess on it unless you’re having problems with what gets blocked and what does not. About half the traffic on the World Wide Web is bots… keep that in mind when looking at your raw website stats and thinking you’ve got a million human visitors (LOL).

    If you DO want to obsess. Use a VPN to try some other sources for your logins and see what happens. I do that sort of thing quite a bit to educate myself.



    But before it doesn’t happen like this. When I login or log out or visit /wp-admin/, Wordfence marks me as human. I want it back to normal behavior.

    I’m not sure what “normal” is, there is a good chance Wordfence is doing exactly what it “normally” did before in terms of looking at your IP source, only its background IP blocking lists changed, or something like that.

    Why is this so important? If it shows you as a bot but doesn’t block you, who cares? Or like I said, just put your IP number in the “Bypass all Rules” and be done with it. Or change your source IP number.

    Or, did you try “Bypass all Rules” and you still get marked as a bot? That brings up a whole other question, is “Bypass all Rules” actually NOT bypassing all rules?

    Sounds like we need help from Wordfence on this one!


    Hi @topsan123
    Detecting and verifying human vs bots visits will be enhanced in the upcoming releases, I’m not sure in which release yet but I can see it’s on the roadmap.

    Thanks for reporting this issue, (internal reference number: #FB5458, #FB1599).

    @mountainguy2Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules” is working fine, it has nothing to do with the human/bot detection script.


    Thanks, good to know, I always thought that bypassing all rules, bypassed all rules… MTN

    Thanks for all you guys. After I update to V.7.0.4, now Wordfence marks me as human properly.

    Ah..Before I post the above comment, Wordfence marks me as human. Now my IP changes, it treats me as bot again, I think it’s not fixed yet in this updated

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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