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  • Out-dated video tutorials, disorganised and full of lacks knowledgebase (they have a blog too and some functions are explained half in the kb, half in the blog and they are mixed with other support articles…they should be in the kb not half and half), (un)real support (I wrote them two emails and they never replied), they have a forum but all what they are able to tell you when you ask help is to read the documentation (even if you write you already did), they have some free add-ons right? No, it’s a fake, for example I needed the multilanguage add-on but when you try to download it, the link sends you to your account page on their site where there’s no way to download it.

    What I really don’t like/understand is that all these things could be easily fixed and it would dramatically improve their customer happines (and even their premium licenses’ sales), and they would need less time to answer the support questions because people could solve the problems just reading the documentation (which is exactly what they tell you to do, the problem is that the actual doc is a shi-).

    If you need a newsletter plugin, then I suggest you MailPoet or MailChimp. They are both great and their customer support rocks. Yes, you have a limit of 2k/2.5k subscribers but as marketer I can tell you the most of newsletter have really few subs, and when you’ll hit 2k/2.5k you’re free to export the contacts in csv and import them in this plugin (I still hope the devs will improve it sooner or later).


    This review has been updated after all the comments you read below

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  • Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Hi, I’ve asked the support to check for your email, but we didn’t find it. Maybe we wrongly delete it or something failed with contact form.

    If you would copy the request here, even if you’ve already choosen another solution, I can personally check your needs.

    Anyway a couple of suggestions. First using the definition “italian behavoir” can sound offensive to all Italians, while that was just our error (being we italians or not). Second, using a rate of 1 stars on a free plugin for not getting a reply to a form request just to get attention is a bit childish, I need to be honest.

    We have a forum on our site and there is even a support forum for Newsletter on, which are not valid channels to submit requests. Maybe we missed even to reply on those channels?

    Waiting to know more about your needs.

    Regards, Stefano.

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    “Concordo sul fatto che sembri infantile battere i pugni per farsi sentire ma, onestà per onestà, passa anche la voglia di chiedere in tutti i forum esistenti.”

    Yes, it’s a bit childish to use the rating area of a plugin to get an answer and, as said, there are two support forums where i dind’t find your support requests. So only the contact form has been used and, yes, we missed to answer.

    “tipico menefreghismo italiano” -> “typical italian indifference”

    As said I don’t think italians should generally classified as indifferent people, specially seen that you are Italian as well.

    “C’è un modo per stilare sia form che pagina profilo degli iscritti velocemente?”

    The subscription form can be styled with CSS. All fields are wrapped with specific HTML and CSS classes, as can be seen just looking at the form code. A custom CSS can be added to override the default one on main settings and the packaged CSS can be even totally disabled. Some information on HTML and form classes can be found here, in our documentation at the “form style” page:

    The profile form follow more or less the same rules, so with custom CSS it should be easily styled. Of course, while the subscription form can be manually coded or coded with the shorcodes, the profile form cannot.

    “In parte ho già scritto il CSS del form (che poi andrei a inserire in un fly-in usando Bloom). Non è un form largo, però per il futuro potrebbe fare comodo sapere se è reso automaticamente responsive o se, quando le dimensioni rischiano di non rientrare in alcune viewport, bisogna ricorrere manualmente alle media queries?”

    Our form is responsive, even if some time with some themes or plugins CSS interference and the rendering is not perfect. Of course you can test the behavior of the form in your site just using the developer mode of firefox or chrome. As said the behavior of a form can be seriously influenced by the theme style, so to your question “in the future will be your form responsive if something won’t fit the viewport” is something we cannot respond to.

    “però non ho capito lo shortcode [newsletter] come funziona. Mostra il codice della pagina profilo (sostituendo i tags)?”

    The [newsletter] shortcode should be used only in the dedicated page to show all messages generated by Newsletter.

    See the first paragraph on our shortcode documentation page.

    If you have a multilanguage plugin (we support WPML, Polylang and translate press, the latter partially), you can use them to create custom per language configurations.

    You can bind lists to languages, create custom messsages, trasnalate all form field and so on.

    See the multilanguage documentation page:

    “Attualmente non mi posso definire molto propenso a diventare vostro cliente, nel caso però riuscissimo a chiarire i miei dubbi e, come dire, mi garantisse che il form di contatto sul sito non l’avete messo per far vedere che sapete usare CF7, terrei l’opzione in considerazione.”

    Translated with Google to avoid any possible personal interpretation:
    “Currently I cannot define myself very inclined to become your client, but in this case we would be able to clarify my doubts and, how to say, I would guarantee that the contact form on the site did not put it to show that you know how to use CF7, I would keep option considered.”

    Hope the answers above can help other with similar questions. Since we try to do our best but we don’t like confrontational tones I think the discussion can be closed here. More specific support can be asked on support forums.

    Last note to totally clarify: there is no need to buy our pro addons to address the questions you posed, everything can be implemented with the free version.


    Thread Starter Matteo Ziggiotto


    Alright I’ll ask on your forum.

    Thanks for your reply

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