• I thought that installing the plugin made by Zendesk team will be easy and i won’t face any issues. Instead now I’m here and I write my review.

    WordPress Zendesk plugin is real disaster. It doesn’t allow me to login to my account. I’m sure that my password and email are correct. I tripe-checked them and they are correct but the plugin doesn’t allow me to login to my existing Zendesk account.

    Some suggestions for the authors:
    1) We live in 21st century, logging with my real Zendesk username and password is real thread. Instead you can use API key, provide temporary access key or use other more intelligent way to associate WP website with Zendesk account
    2) Most WP plugins, that require configuration after being activated, usually have a Settings link next to ‘Details’. You’re huge enough to do it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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