• Dear friend. You have made a wonderful plugin. I’ve wanted to find one for a long time and I’m very glad I found it. This is despite the fact that half of the plugin’s functions do not work on my computer.

    Minimap, code folding, suggest function are absolutely dead.

    But there is a wonderful indentation system. Find and replace text works great. Code coloring is remarkably fast. Well chosen colors. Very convenient multiple selection and correction.
    Indeed, I have tried dozen of editors and coloring systems, no one of them is comparable to your package. Huge thanks to you for your work.

    Maybe you will find time to understand Why some of the functions do not work on my computer. I am working with WordPress 6.1.1, PHP 7.4.26 system. Even if you only make assumptions, I will be extremely grateful to you.

    I am Nick, best regards!

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