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  • I like this product a lot. I have been using it for over a year now. I use it with the Single Page Checkout ($75), and the PDF plugins ($50). I think the program is near useless without these. Customers need a way to download and save invoices (thus the PDF plugin) and single page checkout allows you to do online commerce. The basic only allows you to send out the bill. So those cost money but it is a one time $125 charge and I like that. What I also like is that I can set it up to be HIPAA compliant and still use PayPal. I have designed the process to send just amounts to paypal while leaving out the specific order information. Clients can see the order in PayPal but are directed to my website to see the actual invoice for services performed. I like this. So if your are ok with some simple PHP it is easy to customize WP-Invoice to your needs. Usability Dynamics has also been somewhat helpful with questions I have had on the development side.

    What I do not like: I wish the documentation was more complete. I have had to dig to get clarification on parameters and how to use them. They tell us what the parameters are but provide minimal documentation on how they are used, and in most cases no examples. So from a developers perspective, I have had to dig through the code to try to figure out what in the world this or that parameter is supposed to do. I have emailed them with questions, 80% of the time I get an ok response. 20% of the time they ask if I want to purchase development time from them. So, that is frustrating. Please document better.

    What is also frustrating, there is no bulk send feature for invoice reminders and notices. Once a week I have to open every open account and tell each one to set up a notice and then send them all individually. That is time consuming. I would like a bulk send reminder option for all open invoices such as is available in PayPal. I miss that a lot.

    So, overall I give 4 stars. It would be 5 for me if the documentation was more complete and if there was a better system for notifications/reminders.

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