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  • If you were wondering why the name ShortPixel ? I think it is for the time you can use this stuff. Few minutes every month then you have to pay….
    Hence my ShortTime use of this plugin, useless if you dont want to pay. I wonder what the total cost will be.. I will use gimp, slower but much, much cheaper !
    I put a star because I can not put 0 stars !

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  • Plugin Author ShortPixel


    Hi Dinu,
    I see you’re very unhappy with our product though I don’t really understand why. As you can see if you take a moment to review your optimization report we actually optimized over 200 images (we do not count the images we do not optimize by at least 5%) with a good compression rate:
    Processed files: 212
    Used credits: 106
    Total Original Data: 17.97 MB
    Total Data Lossless: 15.32 MB
    Overall improvement (Lossless): 15%
    Total Data Lossy: 10.35 MB
    Overall improvement (Lossy): 42%

    I’m a bit puzzled, you’re unhappy that the optimization process for those 200+ images was too fast? You’d have preferred to be slower? 🙂

    i might have been too harsh on you… I agree with your point, 100 images is better than nothing. However, maybe a different time slice would be better : say 10 images per day ?

    Search Caesium image compressor in google, its open source. use Caesium for lossy and Caesiumph for lossless. its the bees knees.

    Plugin Author ShortPixel


    Hello again, thank you for your feedback.

    @nd54448 You feel that allowing just 10 free credits/day would be better than 100/month? Or 300/month?

    @maltonge you can optimize images as lossy or lossless, for free, on our site here:
    You don’t need to install anything, it is dead simple and you may want to compare the results with Caesium, you may be surprised 🙂


    not a patch on Caesium, did you try it? no limit to the amount of images you can optimize in one go and the speed is out of this world. really

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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