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  • I am an idiot and was cleaning up my MySQL databases and I accidentally deleted my wordpress database. I use Cpanel. Is there anyway to get it back. I know I backed my database up a month or two ago. I am gonna cry. I love my blog.

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  • Probably only if your host has a recent backup. First thing to do: email your host’s support team, and request they restore the latest backup.

    If that doesn’t work, you *may* be able to download your whole site from a google cache. In a google search field, input your blog address. If there’s a cached version, it should show next to whatever message you get about “page not found” or whatever. You might be able to grab some of it from the cached version.

    If you can get it back, MAKE A BACKUP DUMP OF THE DATABASE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE! And back it up at LEAST once a week thereafter. The database is the ONLY important thing – the rest of it is just cosmetics. As long as you have the database, you’re home free….

    Thanks, I am really mad at myself. I’ve had this blog since 2002, only to have it destroyed in 2 seconds. I e-mailed my host, and hopefully they have a backup.


    Yeah, me too…. post back when you find out something, okay?

    ::cross fingers::

    I heard back from my host and they can restore my backup from July. Still kinda sad since I’ve lost about 3 months of posts, but at least it’s not years of posts.

    Everytime I see the thread title, I’d swear it says “I killed my dog”….. I really need to get my eyes checked.


    Oh jeez, cintrond. Well, yes, at least you haven’t lost everything. Get it back together, and then do regular backups. Sucks, but there are worse things!

    [TG, I know a guy who DID kill his Lab out hunting…. long story, but not funny, and yeah a couple of times I’ve seen that title and thought the same, with the resulting “heart-thump”….]

    Cintrond – try Googling your site and then open the cached version of the results. You may be able to get most of your entries back that way.

    Assuming is the site, here’s a link

    I too read “I killed my dog”
    Between the backup and Google cache you should be able to restore your site fully with a day of extra effort I guess.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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