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    yesterday I could not get to the dashboard, I uninstalled and reinstalled and set everything up again, but when I save something I get the white screen again!

    I know there is a problem, but I am not sure where to correct it. The more I try and find the problem the more confusing it is!

    I am using discovery theme, I didn’t have this problem before changing the theme?
    I have deactivated the plugins, but made no difference
    I have the errors:
    Error trapped: NOTICE(8), Use of undefined constant E_DEPRECATED – assumed ‘E_DEPRECATED’
    but I do not really have the knowledge to know what this means?

    I would appreciate some advice on what is going wrong.

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  • I forgot to add that I am using bluehost

    I have now change the theme again and the problem has gone for now! I did like the discovery theme so if anyone has any idea how to sort this I would be grateful or a similar theme without the errors 🙂



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    Where did you get the theme? You’ll need to contact them – as that theme doesn’t appear to be from the repository on this site. (Those are the themes supported on these forums.)

    I will look, it was recommended, I thought it was a wp one, but it wasn’t easy to find!
    Thanks for you reply

    My mistake it is ‘discover’ sorry

    yes a wp theme, it is a free theme, any help would be appreciated

    any help would be appreciated

    Can you login? If so, what happens after login? Want to change the theme?

    I can login in now, and changing the theme back to twenty eleven seems to have solved the problem. I have moved my blog from a week ago, so I am worried as to whether this is a wp problem, bluehost problem or something I need to resolve. It may just have been that particular theme? Any body got any ideas? I would rather solve the problem than wait for it to happen again! The problem theme was Discover Thanks

    Was it this theme?


    Hi yes is was

    Do you want to put back the same theme? If so download a fresh copy and after deleting the old copy, upload the new copy – keep all plugins off.

    I did that, and it worked better, I could get into the dashboard, but when I added pictures I got the white screen, is it best to avoid that theme altogether, is there one similar?

    Well, don’t use that theme. How about this one?

    Try it. It has a built in slider too. It is easy to customize with a Child Theme too. Or look for one from the WordPress repository.

    Thank you for your help I will look into that 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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