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  • syndication.

    That is, if someone “subscribes” to your rss feed (link), each time you update the page, they will be notified of it.

    Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the search function here (top right of page). Saved me a lot of headaches ;’)

    vavroom and yosemite, so much jargon! i’m feeling overwhelmed. i was an english major, not computer science. i’m starting to feel my quest is a bit hopeless…because of me and no one else. everyone who has replied has been so encouraging to me so far. :] i just wanted a little music to go with the little blog of mine. but no worries, i’ll keep trying. maybe i can get a colleague to help me translate the dialect! ;]

    jessica – music and RSS have nothing really to do with each other, if you’re speaking along the lines of just having music play on your site.

    RSS is used for people to subscribe to your site’s entries so they can read them (along with all the other blogs they’ve subscribed to) all in one place, in their feedreader, without having to visit sites individually.

    Putting music on your site would require some sort of javascript code.

    FWIW, if you put music on your site, make sure it doesn’t automatically load when the page loads. Give the visitor a choice of playing the music or not. Nothing worse than a site that forces you to download the music, usualy when you least expect it (eats your bandwidth for starters). Also slows down page loading.

    As far as “jargon”, I wrote:
    “That is, if someone “subscribes” to your rss feed (link), each time you update the page, they will be notified of it.”

    I’m not really sure how that is jargon? No worries.

    vavroom, truly, anything having to do with this is jargon since i’m so inept at it. but, what i really meant was the jargon on the links yosemite sent me. i do appreciate everyone’s help. i’m just a slow learner. thanks for everything.

    jessica – A couple of the simplest explanations of RSS I’ve come across can be found here.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    And I agree with Vavroom – having music load/play on loading your site is one of the biggest annoyances you can imagine. Make sure your visitors have the option to load/play as THEIR choice.

    RSS isn’t something you should worry about. You can make a little button to display a link but your RSS feed is mostly for people who see your site and want to subscribe to it. It’s not something you’ll be maintaining. It’s automatically updated.

    As for music on your site – what are you looking to do? Like a thing where music starts playing automatically? I agree with the above poster in that it will involve some code on your part. Kind of an inconvinience…especially if you’re not familiar with code languages

    chinamash, yeah, i guess that’s what i was wanting, music to play when the page loads…but, i can see now that probably isn’t such a good idea. now, what exactly is this “button” thing people are talking about as an option? it is just adding a link TO a song, or is it like a “play” button? i’m not quite sure i understand. oh, i thanks for the rss assurances. you guys are all so supportive. thanks for the patience with a noob. one other question. i would like more graphics on my webpage…and the provider i’m using only has certain formats from which to choose. i would like a graphic behind the title of my blog…and i don’t know how to place it in there.

    Okay jessica – you need to slow down and re-read.
    We’re all talking about two completely different things here – one is RSS and the other is music on a website. We’ve all tried to make it very clear what we’re speaking about, so please don’t confuse the two topics. You brought them both up, afterall! 😉

    RSS – You can find a button to place on your site, that links to your RSS feed. Do a search in the forums for “RSS blog feed” and see what comes up.

    Music – If you’re going to have it, you’ll want to have a button there so that if people want to hear it, they press the play button. If they don’t, they’re not bombarded with it against their will.

    RSS and Music have really nothing at all to do with each other. You brought them up as topics, but they are two completely different topics. One has nothing to do with the other – at all – really, ever.

    I really suggest you take some time to do the reading. It’s really not “jargon” as much as you think. It’s just a matter of being patient, and reading it. More than once if you need to. But they’re not “hard”, the things you’re talking about doing.

    okay, ladydelaluna et. al., i guess everyone had to start SOMEwhere. i shall gird up my loins and read, re-read, and read again. i will do this and learn. and then i’ll let all my trusty supporters and teachers here know how it went. i will say that i’m proud of myself for learning how to put the correct code (not *even* sure if _that_ is the right word) on my website for links. it may sound like a tiny thing, but, step by step, i did it. one down, two thousand more new, interesting and exciting cyber things to learn, to go!

    Ladydelaluna’s right – patience is what’s required and a bit of reading.

    Make use of the ‘search’ function here – it may not be fantastic, but it DOES help.

    At least you’re making an effort to learn, which is great. Something some other people on here (not in this thread, I hasten to add!) could do with respecting, sometimes. We all started somewhere, after all.

    With your own patience, some searching and reading, you’ll get there in the end.

    Just like the rest of us.

    Jessica – congrats on learning the proper CODE to add links to the site! (The right word, and the right task!)

    Baby steps, chica… you’ll get there!

    in all sincerity, my new cyber friends, if everyone was as helpful, supportive and encouraging as you folks are, the world would be a much, *much* easier place in which to live.


    i’ll for sure keep you updated…on how i’m doing with my page. it’s that irksome thing called a “job” that keeps me from actually spending the time i would like to on my webpage. sheesh.


    I am also new to all this. I am a writer, not a bricklayer! Okay that doesn’t make sense, it just dates me. I am an English Ph.D., and a computer expert I am not. I can’t get my comments to work. No one can respond to my posts.

    I also need to know how to paste my adsense HTML code into the site. Do I have to use templates for that? Hang in there Jessica–you are not alone. Where’s your blog? Mine is, and is dedicated to peace and peacemaking. Take care!

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