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  • So, I just found out I just got banned from Google and Bing! Maybe to day, or some days ago. I don’t know.

    First of all, I’m pissed! What about being polite, maybe sending the webmaster (I got the webmaster tools for both) a message saying “Something is wrong with your site. We are getting spammed from you. If you don’t fix this, we will remove you from Google/Bing.” Nope, just remove, without any information, or any warning.

    Actually, I don’t know why this is. Bing just removed everyting, site index and webmaster account. Google removed the index, but the Webmaster tools shows everything is okay! Thank you for the information, tell me again, what did you want me to fix?! You see why I’m pissed?

    Secondly, I need to fix this. I just found out Jetpack for WordPress does some SEO work, sending information to search engines about new posts. I deactivated that feature on Jetpack. How does this SEO information work? May plugins interfere doing this, or how do they work? Do they send one unique notification each?

    I found two broken links on my web page, form the rss feed. But I don’t use the RSS feed, and cannot find it. And I don’t bother. My page is not a news paper, or a blog with many updates. I don’t need it. But may those two unwanted links from nowhere be the reason for the banning?

    Third. One last question. If you’ve read this far, is there anything I’ve missed?

    Now I’m going to bed, hoping for a better tomorrow.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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