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  • I’m new to wordpress.

    I was using blogger before, very simple. Title, post, tags, comment.

    I’m not really sure what all this category business is about. I don’t think I really have a use for it, but maybe that’s because I don’t understand its potential.

    So I would like someone to enlighten me.

    Because I feel I don’t really have a use for it, just seeing “uncategorized” sitting there on every post, and everytime I edit my posts bothers me. hmph.

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  • I think of them as large tags, the ones that you use all the time. If you were posting about books think of them as the fiction/non-fiction type of split.

    Once you categorise posts you then have access to standard WP functions that allows you to display posts by that category eg: Category Widget.

    Categories and Tags gives you a way to classify posts in two different ways. As Kersti mentioned if you were classifying books you might end up with the following categories:

    – Fiction
    – Non Fiction
    – Reference
    – Religious
    – History

    And if you were going to use tags – you might have something like the following:

    – Author #1
    – Author #2
    – Yellow cover
    – Red cover
    – Hard back
    – Soft back
    – Year published
    – Publishing house
    – etc…


    Categories are very broad items that you use over and over and over again. You probably want about a dozen or two (dozen) categories at most.

    Tags are a finer sort for items that are not used that often. You can have hundreds or thousands of tags.

    Take the forums here for example. Each forum would be a category and then each post can have tags that are applicable to it but not to the forum as a whole.

    Such as the Plugin and Themes forum (like a category), may have a tag for kubric theme or a tag for wp-dtree plugin.

    Good explanation lokrin2000!


    ah ha. very helpful. thanks everyone!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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