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    Okidoki…I’ve been fiddeling around with miniblog for a while now and I’m completely lost. I just can’t seem to get it working. Idea is that posts posted in the miniblog can be read by visitors and edited & comments & new posts possible by registered users.
    I’ve gotten as far as:

    After this I got lost…really lost. Can anybody help me out?
    Just 2 more questions how can I get rid of the spacing between Asides and Test and can I change the Aside title?

    TIA CaramellaMorbide

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  • hmmm…

    when i load ‘’ i get your login screen.



    Oeps…sorry forgot to deactivate a plugin should be alright now

    I don’t see where you’re trying to put miniblog.

    The category can be whatever you set it to be, what really matters is the category number, not the name.

    Try adding the miniblog example markup to the sidebar. See how that works.



    Hi DSS,
    I think I got it working so far. I can post, but I can’t get the Title linked to te possiblity that (registered) members can click so they can read/post/comment or edit them selves. Or is this not possible at all?

    Pls have a look again Under box named Wanted.

    Hmm. I don’t think it’s possible to comment on mini-blog posts. They can however be edited by any user with sufficient rights, but you understand if a user can edit a mini-blog entry, he’s likely got carte blanche to fiddle with the rest of your site too. I’m not sure that’s what you want.

    Perhaps the better idea would be to set up certain categories to be in the “Wanted” section. Because they are actual WP posts, comments and trackbacks will work. You can use plugins to keep those categories from showing up anywhere on the posts page and just hard code them to the sidebar. Then you can use a plugin like PostLevel so that only users with a certain user level (that you will designate) can view and/or edit those posts.

    I’ll try to round up the relevant plugin links in a bit.

    I hope I didn’t misunderstand what you are after.

    Hmmm. The challenge is (as always) that you asked a question earlier stating A, B and C requirements. Some solutions were offered – none of them perfect, BTW – but now you just added D, E, G, H etc. requirements/wishes.
    No, things don’t work as you described in the Wanted box on your site, this plugin will never do that.
    I don’t know of any plugin that would do that. There might be a solution with a combination of plugins and some code tweaking.

    as I said , yesterday it was a different question
    no comments were mentioned 🙂 and as an alternative the Limit category plugin also was suggested.

    Which is why I added my disclaimer and uneasily hit the “Post” button. No wonder my head hurt. Here’s a post level plugin that was submitted to me for testing at my WP 2.0 Beta testbed ( I plan to install and test it there, but maybe it’s worth looking at for purposes of the OP’s request.

    Now that I’ve read the original post, maybe her best is bbPress and a link to it on the sidebar. Perhaps that’s killing an ant with a sledgehammer but if the OP is wanting a place where people can post and respond to “want ads” that may be the best route. Plus the OP can set up bbPress categories for the wanted items and a place for OT stuff too if so inclined.



    Okay I must clarify : Moshu I did follow your instrustions but I got stuck just after installing the miniblog plug. I ended up here seeking for help to get the miniblog thingy to start working and added a few more questions along my way 😉
    I apologies If I wasn’t clear the first time.

    If I understand you all correctly it is not possible for me to have the miniblog the way I would like it to be. It’s a shame, but I’m known to have this types of silly ideas.
    I truly appreciate all the help that is given and I shall also give the bbPress a try, although I didn’t want a forum style in my blog I guess this could be the best alternative.

    Thnx again…CaramellaMorbide.

    caramellamorbide: you might get something out of looking at this thread

    Someone is trying to add a second loop to their sidebar for a specific category, and state an offset, as well as a limited number of posts.

    With a special div class for style you might actually be able to simply post to a specific category, and have these posts appear in your sidebar (very much the way asides work) without having to use a plugin at all.


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