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  1. judithgr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I moved my blog off a site and into my own. The owner of the old site moved it, because the files were in her database and she didn't want anyone else to have access.
    I liked the blog the way it was, clean, neat, all my various stores and links were there. Now it is a mess and I don't know why. She claims it was moved exactly as it existed, but that's clearly not the case, no matter her intentions.
    Since I have ZERO experience writing html or altering files, I am stuck. I keep trying and it keeps getting worse.
    Can you look at http://www.judithgreenwood.com/thinkonit/ and tell my why things are overwritten, underlined in red, not lining up, stepping all over each other?
    I know why the chicken photos are too big, that's the only thing that isn't bugging me.
    Also neither she nor I has been able to get Photopress to work. I do a thing a day to it, but no dice.

  2. laatino
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Did you edit something in the css file?

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