i have two wordpress site where i want only one (2 posts)

  1. OlivierPrestant
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm putting this in the miscellaneous section because I can't seem to find any existing questions about this in the other sections.

    I'm not entirely sure how, but I have two wordpress login's - I presumed one is .org and the other is .com. I'm hosting through GoDaddy and uploaded the WP application there. When accessed through GoDaddy I reach my site - olivierprestant.com which is my domain name - and this is what I wish to develop.

    However, at some point during building, I logged into wordpress directly to find the site olivierprestant.com/wordpress which is not the one I have been updating. My question is, if I delete the profile that is linked to the .../wordpress site, will that impact on my accessing the WP admin on the site I'm working on.

    Apologies for the dodgy grammar - am more focused on solving this...


  2. davidsword
    Posted 2 years ago #

    normal wordpress installations are independent.

    looking at




    it appears yes, they're independent installations (unless you have multi site setup and made your first blog "/wordpress/" but I severally doubt it). thus changing one andor deleting one will not affect the other.

    (always back up everything before doing anything!!! hardest lesson to learn in web developing)

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