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  • After I upgraded I can not log in using firefox. I have to use explorer.
    I have tried all the suggestions trying to clear things up and nothing works. If this is not resolved in two days I will change my blogging software from wordpress to something else.

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    Well quite. I mean, if I wanted help then I’d threaten the people who might help me with a deadline, too. It’s surely the best way to get people on your side.

    If you can log in with IE and not FireFox, it means that there’s still something in the FireFox browser files preventing the login from working. So that’s either a cookie or a cached file.

    Logically if other people can log in to their sites with FireFox, and you can log in to your own site with IE, then it’s your copy of FF that’s preventing the login, not the WP software.

    Good luck.

    No matter how you twist and turn it. It’s still a bug. A bug that many people has reported but nobody from the wordpress team has commented on.

    I have no problems logging in with FF3.0 for all my 3 sites running WP2.6.

    I think your threat is quite useless as I think it does not make any difference whether 1 less person is using WP and seriously when asking for help you should mind your attitude.



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    No matter how you twist and turn it. It’s still a bug. A bug that many people has reported but nobody from the wordpress team has commented on.

    Debating over what is or is not a bug is pretty pointless here though, it’s a support forum, not a dev forum. If you think it’s a bug, raise a tracker report on it, and one of the devs will look at it, and either fix it, or say “it’s not a bug.”

    Meanwhile, delete all the FF local data and try again.

    As stated I have done everything suggested to clean the cookies etc. Still can’t login. Get the message to log in again and again.

    This is a bug. And it’s quite silly that nobody from the development team has commented on this bug. After 3 days.

    perhaps you can point me to the direction to say that this is a bug? Are you able to reproduce this on a fresh install on WP?

    Because personally I have no problem logging in using Firefox on a few computers to all my 3 sites.

    Look at all the other posts stating the same thing. After they upgraded they have problems logging in.
    That points to a bug….

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    If you can log in with one browser and not another, then you need to clear the cookies on the browser you can’t log in with.

    Really. This works. That is the actual problem. I’m not just making this stuff up.

    Clear your cookies.

    In Firefox: Tools->Clear Private Data->Turn on the Cookies checkbox, hit the clear button.

    If it doesn’t work, then you did something wrong and your cookies didn’t actually get cleared.

    Really, I cannot stress this enough. The problem is *known*. It’s well understood. And yes, it is in fact fixed if you delete the cookies. I cannot tell you what it is that you’re doing wrong, because I’m not sitting there looking over your shoulder. So try it again. Do it a different way maybe. I don’t know exactly what to tell you, but I really do know what the problem is and that this is the solution. Beyond that it is up to you.

    Now, if you can’t login on *any* browser, then that’s a different kettle of fish. The Admin SSL plugin, for example, is known to cause that problem. But if it works on one browser and not the other, then it’s a cookie issue. There is no doubt about that whatsoever.

    @damiende Many users encounter the same thing might or might not be a bug. You cannot assume unless the bug can be reproduced, if not I will not called it a bug at all.

    As a programmer I would say that 99% is always the users fault and the remaining 1% is bug.

    try what Otto said, if not see if you can login using FF on another computer.

    I upgraded from 2.5.1 to 2.6 and my blog works great in both IE 6/7 and FF 2/3.

    SO this bug some people experience might be in existent only because of something they did or did not do during install or just caching problem.

    If it is a bug, everyone(I mean ALL) will have this problem and not just a few people.

    I experience no problems logging in using FF3 despite the fact that the REMEMBER ME button doesn’t seem to stick anymore. But FF remembers users and passwords fine to I just login and go!

    @damiende, I had the same problem after I upgraded and I solved it by doing exactly what Otto suggests. I cleared Firefox’s browsing history & cookies… The one caveat I would add is exit Firefox count to 10 then relaunch it before you try logging in.


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