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  • thinkthendo


    Hello… this message today:

    “We have not found any integrity data to verify [plugin name redacted].

    You have to upload a ZIP archive from which you’ve installed it. This enables the security scanner to verify the integrity of the code and detect malware.

    Maximum upload file size: 64 MB.”

    This plugin is how I log in via my host. HOW in the world do I “verify” my host’s technology??? I don’t even know WHAT kind of zip file to upload………….

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  • thinkthendo


    Oh super, lol….now I just created a child theme of my new site (everything is actually brand new btw)…..and got the same “integrity data not found”…

    The parent theme of the same theme is fine, but this is a child theme version of the same template.

    I downloaded a copy of the child theme into a zip file (the entire theme)………….LOL that did not work.

    Why in the world you don’t have a FAQ covering WHAT THIS MESSAGE MEANS is beyond me.

    What data “integrity” type are you looking for???? What data, at all…and how is your scanner “checking” it for integrity if a child theme (which is not going to be in any WP repository, ofc) is used? This is utter madness.

    Please do us all the great favor of explaining WHAT DATA to have in that zip file, for the love of God…SOMEWHERE — what it is you require. Because obviously a downloaded copy of the child theme template (zipped) is not doing the trick. And the plugin my host does not even allow me to see listed in the plugin list is being regarded as a “critical issue” as well….one that I do not even think my host will give me a copy of to upload to your scanner.

    Neither of these two “critical issues” are ever fully explained as to how to resolve them — what data you need in that zip file — and the fact that my very own login plugin FROM MY HOST is unable to be verified is insane as well.

    Please respond as soon as possible — because, hey — you said these were “critical” issues and now your plugin has me panicked, without any way to understand what the h*ll is going on. Gee whiz — thanks for that. :/

    Actually, I have the same issue with “integrity data not found” error.
    I’m trying to upload a zip file of Divi child theme.

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