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  • Lets say I want to use the category “Firefox” for my new blogpost, wich is a already existing category. In earlier versions of WordPress I could just type the word “Firefox” in the textfield and add it. But in WordPress 3.0+ I have to manually find the catergory “Firefox” and choose it.

    I have about 330 categories, so it takes time to find the right category and manually choose it.

    I want the old function back, please! 🙂

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  • Could you not set the default category to the Firefox? (so it’s automatically selected for you).

    Options > Writing > Default Post Category

    I believe he’s looking for an easier way to place a post in a category as opposed to having to scroll the category box (filled with his 330 categories) to find and click on the category he wants.

    Would a list of 300+ categories not be unmanagable in any case? Whether you’re using a dropdown selection, checkboxes or something else, the list is still going to be rather large.

    The behaviour described sounds exactly like post tags behave, perhaps an alternative would be to drop a bunch of categories (not necessarily all of them), register a custom non-hierarchal taxonomy (so it behaves like post tags) and then utilise the tag like text field for this custom taxonomy.

    Q: Are you perhaps getting categories confused with post tags?

    Categories have never used a text field in the time i’ve been using WordPress (around the release time of 2.7), so i’m curious whether you’ve simply confused post tag behaviour for that of categories.

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    Yeeeah, I’m with Mark on this one. 300 cats is an insanely high number of categories. I’ve been on WP since the 1.5 days and I don’t ever remember categories being anything but a checkbox.

    For more help understanding when to use cats vs tags, read this:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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