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  • Granted, I’ve just started playing around with it, but it has locked up the page I’ve been trying to add a “test” post to several times.

    It seems that this is trying to create various different builders that various different themes have tried to build over the years. They are all different, they are all glitchy just like this is. I am not sure that it is bringing any new or better functionality to the table – I’m not seeing anything in the blocks that cannot easily be created in the old editor..which must have much less bulk underlying it. Perhaps it is the plugin on top of the core utilizing another theme that is making it all so slow and glitchy, but right now, I am not excited and mostly scared what is going to happen with all of the sites that I manage when 5.0 comes out and then 5.01, 5.02, 5.03, etc. over the next weeks as the problems begin. Not the best holiday present.

    And while the “classic” editor plugin will be available for now, I’m sure it will eventually go away. Perhaps I am an old dinosaur, resistant to change, but right now I have to say I feel pretty annoyed about the future of my wordpress sites with Gutenberg.

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  • And while the “classic” editor plugin will be available for now, I’m sure it will eventually go away.

    The Classic Editor is GPL & there also already several other plugins in the WP Plugin Directory which give more advanced options for disabling the Gutenberg Editor.

    The Classic Editor & these other plugins will exist as long as 1 person is prepared to continue to maintain these plugins.

    Gutenberg was also written with ongoing opt-out in mind & maintaining ongoing support is very easy.

    The Gutenberg team & Matt Mullenweg have confirmed that the Classic Editor plugin will be supported for many years, allowing you to delay using Gutenberg as long as you feel you need.

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