• First I tried with a website and it turns out that my hosting provider blocked its IP, understandable, I proceed to request that they whitelist it and it doesn’t work, I understand that is normal, try to delete the cache and nothing, try to search in their knowledge base for information about deleting the website to add it back and nothing either, they only have instructions to delete the whole account.

    Write to support who write you every 24 hours (pretty standard) the problem and with it the frustration, is that they DO NOT READ the tickets, I waited 24 hours for them to explain me, as a solution to my problem of the website not working, where I suggested to delete it and create it again, a link where they explain me where to delete my whole account, not the website as I was asking for.

    I wrote to them explaining that I wanted to delete only this site (as I said when I opened the ticket) and their answer was “Its for whole account”, does this make any kind of sense?

    I let this website pass as a lost case and proceeded to add a new one, because now the system tells me that I don’t have the robots.txt file, when obviously I have it.

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    The issue you were facing is not something a regular user would face.You were certainly not a hopper plan user.

    But we are glad to inform you, that we have added the functionality to delete a single website from your profile.

    We hope you can re-evaluate the review after checking the changes.

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    According to appsumo we are attach to and a quote “All future Hopper Plan updates”, so yes, I have the hopper plan. I see you add the option to delete a site, but you don’t really delete the site because once I add again, even in a separate account (I fully stack 2 accounts) you don’t delete the data.

    I put 79 sites in your system and works only 66% of the times. On those 66% I had problems loading some elements and I didn’t have support by you.

    I wrote an email and I get an answer 6 days later asking me for screenshots, what I supouse to do? Wait another week to have an answer? that email confirm me you are just not ready, not the app but clearly not the support.

    If you ever get better (app and support) write me back.

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