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  1. blackhood
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi everybody. I have started use wordpress today and i have found a problem already. I have lokalized wordpress to slovak language and started translate english sentences to slovak inside one of theme. Problem is, that some word like "Poznámka: Akákoľvek odpoveď je dovolená pretože ste registrovaný používateľ" looks like "Pozn�mka: Ak�ko�vek odpove� je dovolen� preto�e ste registrovan� pou��vate�" This sentence is from comments.php "Note: warning before post, blablabla"

    I have set up utf_slovak_ci in my database, so i really dont know where is a problem. Does the theme use another codeing, then is in wp_config.php ?

  2. rudolf45
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Not enough info to be able to help.
    Which theme? How is your WP localized? What editor for editing the theme files?

    I'd bet you are using an editor that does not have utf-8 support! So, you are saving the theme template files with a different encoding: that's your problem.

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