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  • aetcall


    Hi Sir
    Your program is very nice and I like
    I have problem i can make to check is show me Error while checking ranks: Unknown error
    I have the correct api and cx
    What to do to start to make check

    Thank you

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  • Is continuum to not show ranking

    I check the search console of google and is not show my site

    Is not bug of the program the search console is not show my site

    if make search normal not to console and I see in top


    Plugin Author blackus3r


    Are you sure that you are really ranking on 46 and 50?

    You should avoid using to check your rankings, because if you are using google with your browser and your account, you will not get the real rankings.

    yes I use program SERPmojo i check in the and in

    I know the browser is not clear in browser i see ranking 3 but is not real.

    Thank you for your replay

    Best regards

    Plugin Author blackus3r


    Okay, and this tool says you are ranking at position 46 etc.?

    Maybe there is still a bug in my plugin :-/

    Because all my rankings are above 10.

    I not thing is bug in the plugin

    I search to the console of google and is not show me rank

    Maybe I not setup correct the console of the google I have try many times to fine solution but not luck

    Thanks for the support

    Plugin Author blackus3r


    Which search console?

    The custome search engine (CX)?

    yes this

    Plugin Author blackus3r


    Okay, I will test my one.

    Maybe there is a config value which has to be enabled or else.

    I thing also is config but I cant find

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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