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  • I am trying to move my .com blog to .org and I’ve pulled it all off according to the instructions, hosting at but then when I go to import my previous website, it tells me there is no import available.

    Also, I don’t have the option to add new plugins.


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  • Sounds like you;re logging into site instead of your .org install.

    it would seem like it..but it has the option to click on plug ins, edit the themes etc.

    At this moment I am currently logged into both the .com and the .org

    The only thing is, I cannot add plug ins, and when I go to import the info from my .com, it tells me “No importers are available.”



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    @taylorstorey in dashboard of your .com site, you need to go to menu Tools > Export > All and save that file in your computer’s hard drive.

    Then, in dashboard of your .org site, that’s where you go to Tools > Import > WordPress WXR. You will be directed to install the WP importer plugin if you haven’t gone through this yet. After the installation and activation of said plugin, import the XML file you saved in your computer’s hard drive.

    I’ve done the first step, exporting and saving the old blog info,

    the second part, I go to tools>Import and then it says “no importers available”

    Also, though the plug in tab is there, there is no option to add new plugin.

    I just logged into another site I started with and I see all the options available…I must be missing something connected to my hosting or registration…any ideas on what that could be and how I could get it?



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    Install this plugin in your .org site and activate. Then you go Tools > Import WXR file.

    I downloaded that plug in and unzipped it, but when i go to tools> Import it says “no importers available”

    I figured it must be something with my one click install so I uninstalled it, clicked fully host in my dreamhost panel (I have another website, that works, I started it with though, no transfer, and the only difference I can tell is that it is “fully hosted”)

    so i’m fully hosting now, but it won’t let me install to saying:

    Invalid Domain: is already being used in our system!
    Simple mode oneclicks may only be installed on domains (or subdomains) that are not already fully hosted. Either delete the web hosting for, or install your application to a new subdomain of

    So I’m going to try and delete the web hosting and start over again…

    I have reinstalled the wordpress 1 click. it said it worked (it did this before) but now it is giving me the ol’ 404.

    Additionally, when I go to fully host the domain, it tells me “You already have a One-Click Install of wordpress set up at”

    I’m hoping it will give me the option to log in to the site in a couple hours?

    I would love to talk through this with anybody, I am available to call at
    eight zero five, four seven eight, four three three one.

    and my name is…taylor storey 🙂

    Here’s a screenshot, notice that the plugin tab is there (definitely in the .org) but that there is no tab to add new plug in:

    I can’t call, but if you around I will trya nad get you through this if you are still having issues. I don’t have a, but if you have exported all your data from the .com and have it on your PC and the problem is the WP import then I shall see what we can do.

    I have just run an export/import using the wp importer above. It creates an XML file which is easily imported. If you cannot get the import option then if you can ftp to the site login to your site and go to wordpress\wp-content\plugins and rename the wordpress-importer directory to another name- OLDwordpress-importer for example.

    This will remove the possibility that there can be a bad install of WP Importer.

    Install the importer again by selecting it from the plugins > add new button.

    If the install works then you should be able to navigate on your local PC to the XML files you exported and then import them to your site.

    the problem is, I don’t have that “plugins > add new button” take a look at that screen shot URL I posted…I have the plugins button, but not the add new button.

    I have not had to pay any money through dreamhost for this site, so I am thinking the problem must be somewhere in there…

    try replace all files and folders may be files are corrupted except wp-content and wp-config.php

    I can see your point, but the image you posted was from inside the imports menu under tools. I suggested going into the plugins menu option and adding the import plugin, then going to import and seeing what happens there. My memory of this is that if you go to import it offers a link to the import site, but that might have gone.

    Go to the plugins menu option, then add new and select the wordpress importer. After that go to the import menu item and see if the import option is there.

    Hope this all helps!

    is this or self hosted
    Did you change name servers to point to dream host as looks like you must be still logging in

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