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  • As I build my new site, I’m trying out a lot of things. The theme I’m using has built in sliders, but the one for the home page, which is great, can only be used on the home page, and I don’t like the other one. So I’m trying a lot of sliders. Unfortunately, most of them – this one included – don’t offer enough features in trial for me to tell what they’re capable of. It seems the old trend was to offer timed trials of full versions OR decently outfitted free versions that still had more to offer in the paid version. But now… the free versions of most of the plug ins are so limited it’s very difficult to see if they do what you need them to do at all. You tell me you can do x, y, and z and I guess I’m supposed to take your word for it. OK, I will. But some of what I’m looking for you’re not mentioning, and the only way I would know would be to try out a full version or at least a FULLER version than you’re letting me play with.

    I am looking for particular visual effects, and from the list it appears as if this slider can do what I want. But the free version doesn’t allow me to test that out, so I really don’t know for sure if your description of an effect is the same thing I’m thinking it is. I go to the website seeking a visual example of each effect, but they’re not there, so again, I have no idea if it does what I want.

    My suggestion? Even a single day timed trial, or a trial where I can only use sample images supplied by you, would be better than a super limited slider that doesn’t show me what you’re capable of at all. This could be the best slider ever, but I’m not going to spend my money on it (yes, I know it’s only 20 bucks, but do you know how many 20’s I’ve spent on things I ended up deactivating?) unless I know it will do what I want it to do. If you can’t give me a way to play with it, at least demo every single available effect on your own website. It would be better than nothing.

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  • Phil


    I’m curious, if you “don’t know if you like the plugin or not” then why leave a 2 star review? Doesn’t that confirm that you indeed “do not” like the plugin?

    I’m not associated with the plugin. Just you’re average WordPress user 🙂

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